We’re super excited to welcome you to the crew, we’ll be paying your inbox a visit shortly with your next steps.

However whilst you wait, here’s a little note from B+J Founder, Nim:

Hey Friend! 

As of this moment, you have moved from intention to action. You’ve taken a step and have done something powerful- you started!  

I wholeheartedly applaud you and hope to be a source of comfort, support and peace of mind as you go on to build the incredible. 

You’re embarking on an amazing journey. One that will require dedication, strength, determination and drive like no other. This is practically your baby – and I’m so honoured you chose us to travel with you.

That being said; heyy ANDIE, welcome to the gang and thank you for joining us, 


As always, we’re here to help, feel free to drop us a line with any questions, feedback and compliments (we love words of affirmation). 

Team B+J