Getting straight to it

Brimah and John is a Creative Hub + Digital Solutions Agency founded off a simple goal – To create! Making us both a destination and a desire; “a reason to”.

Specialising in digital content and strategy, we work to encourage and support; Creatives, Brands and Businesses at all levels to achieve their digital goals by developing smart strategies and digital solutions perfect for their audiences.


The hard sell

We’re an agency with an obsession for innovation. Part consultancy, part community and a whole “bag of ideas”, we love problem solving.

Our process is simple, we moodboard. 

Okay, we do a lot more than moodboard. We consult, ideate, strategise and do a fair bit more of design thinking. We put our best ideas forward and dedicate our all to each project. Working closely with you to develop the best digital solutions for your brand.


Our superhero flex

Brimah and John represents the merging and combination of differences, individuality and uniqueness in order to birth something new and the infinite opportunities that comes with.

As big believers in the power of ‘and’, we’re both about supporting our ANDies, developing ideas and building successful businesses and we’re also about misbehaving, disrupting narratives and challenging stereotypes. Think Batman; we’re both the Caped Crusader and the suit and tie, Bruce Wayne.

Committed to making a change, we’re avid subscribers of the “OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” lifestyle. We believe it’s our responsibility to speak up and speak louder, in order to make impactful and positive contributions to society.


We’re OG ANDies

We’re inquisitive and experimental, rule breakers and problem solvers. We wear many hats and are more than one thing. We love a side hustle or a new project ourself.

We speak up, talk loud and shake the table. We exist wholly and a little flawed, we do more than one thing, we mix and match, we’re this and that, we take apart, we fix and through it all, we create.


What do we want to be known for?

Big Pimpin!

ANDies who innovate, dare and most importantly, stay creating. A collective of solution based thinkers with multiple successful projects under our belt. Your go to idea people

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