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Everything your project needs to succeed


A Tried and Tested Action Plan

Created to support our clients during their business development consultations. In addition to helping you structure your business development processes, and following my winning framework for getting clarity and learning to operate from a place of purpose and intent, the I Can and I Will workbook is the perfect way to track and plan your business and project goals.

Break Free From Your Never-Ending To-Do

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of moving pieces involved in bringing a business idea to life?

Escape the overwhelm, burnout and loss of motivation that come with a never-ending to-do list and take back your control by gaining clarity, structure and organisation. 

Trust What Works

My winning framework has helped my clients break the traumatic cycle of never-ending purposeless tasks, the confusion of how exactly these tasks contribute to their big picture and the uncertainty of whether or not these tasks are even necessary for them to achieve their vision.


Make your next project a success by planning it out in five key sections: scrutinise, define, implement, market, and review.

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Kick off your action plan by understanding and examining your business and it’s current positioning.

Next, we’ll be defining your criteria for success. Here you will determine the qualitative and quantitative targets and objectives for your business.


Having established where you are at, what you’re doing, and where you are heading, this section focusses on how you will get there.


Planning the journey is one thing, making sure we bring as many people as we can along is another. In the marketing section of the workbook we’ll establish how you’ll spread the word about who you are and what you do and also how you’ll turn passersby to lifelong fans. 


The final step is to review your plan. Use this section to review, amend, and monitor your progress, so that you stay on top of your tasks, actions, and goals. 


Designed to help you achieve clarity and direction in your project. 

As a marketing and digital development expert, I have helped numerous entrepreneurs build successful businesses in order to live their passion. This workbook follows the winning framework that I used to achieve this. 


The workbook and framework have helped me, my business and my clients’ businesses stay on track and move forward with purpose.

It is my pleasure to share my secret sauce with you, so fellow big dreamers can also move mountains one well-defined step at a time.

A workbook with everything you need

This digital workbook contains all of the key areas you’ll need to understand your motivations, your business purpose, your desired impact and perceptions, shorten your to-do list, come up with a brand strategy, narrow down your key areas of focus, define your outcomes and develop a roadmap to success – all in one place!

A WORKBOOK Created with you in mind

The I Can and I Will Digital Action Plan Workbook has been created to:

✔️ Identify your areas of focus, 

✔️ Help you prioritise appropriately

✔️ Determine low impact or minimum returns tasks for you to delegate or discard. 

✔️ Create actionable steps to reach your goals

✔️ Reduce your workload by outlining your processes, 

✔️ Identify areas of improvement, 

✔️ Discover tasks that can be automated or outsourced 

✔️ Identify and discard  tasks that are purposeless and a waste of your time

✔️ Think from the perspective of your end-user/customer

✔️ Create a roadmap to success.

✔️ Rinse and repeat. Follow the five-stage framework over and over again, whenever needed, with multiple projects, ideas, and businesses. 

The I Can and I Will workbook is digital, so it can be easily written upon, erased, and amended without printing! You can also add, delete, and customize pages to your liking!

NOTE: To use this workbook, you will need either a note-taking app such as GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, etc. or a PDF editing software such as Adobe Acrobat! For questions about the workbook or if your device supports it, please contact me before you purchase. Unfortunately, I cannot issue refunds.


The workbook has been designed to be as simple and as straightforward as possible.

Answer the questions step by step, in as much detail as you can and ideally in chronological order. You’ll find each question builds off the last making it easy to follow along and develop your action plan. 

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