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A love poem

I want to write a love poem 

I want to stitch words together that don't belong 

Evoke feelings that never left 

I want to pull at your heart strings 

Till they're tender to touch 

And your eyes are primed with tears 


I want to take you back to a love almost lost 

To that first time your heart escaped your chest 

And you clenched your fist 

And steadied your feet 

because her smiled winded you 


She smiled with her eyes 

And though you wanted to 

You couldn't look back 

But when you did your eyes told her 

Your mind was ready to give her the keys

your soul welcomed her in 

And she took up residency in your being

I want to write a love poem 

I want to tug at memories you struggle to contain 

As you remember her smell

Because a hug isn't complete until you bury your face deep into her 

And breathe her in


When I write this love poem 

My heart will take the pen 

The pen will dance lines across the page 

And the lines will read 


"Dedicated to my soulmate"