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One night I wanted to write about scars

How they cut so deep

How once, the pain was so sharp and severe it was all you knew

How the thought of some bring you to tears

How some bring a bundle of joy


But now it's all a memory

so i'll write about memories


Its funny how all things fade into memories... 

you can't capture memories

you can't relive the best ones

you can't erase the worst

you can't  re-write the almost perfect


So you store them

And when you're asked about them


You smile, you remember how you triumphed



You remember how you made it

you're still standing


And you tell of them, a tale

A wonderous tale

A his and her story

Of how you were caught unawares

But that didn't stop you

You rode it

You bit your lip

And took it

And now you're here

the champion, the hero


You don your crown, for you are king in this tale

And your scars are your testaments 


But sometimes all you'll every really have

Are the memories.