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Dear Past

Dear Past,

You really gotta stop creeping up on me like this

You really gotta just stay where you are

Let me grow

Let me go

Let God


It's really not everyday knock on my door

Send me an email

Poke me on Facebook 

Chill with that still 


Hey Past,

I'm really doing okay without you y'know

I'm doing super well

I've got a bigger





But Aye, Past

I'm really sorry for how things worked out

You taught me so much 

And I did play a major part in it all

It's my fault, shouldn't have done that


But you really need to let me live now

It's your turn to carry this weight now 

Been carrying it for way too long now

It's such a load 


Who knew regret was so heavy

So opinionated too 

Always second guessing me 

Questioning my command. 

Doesn't ever shut up. 

Take your child


Listen Past,

I love you. 

Now and forever more

You'll always be a part of me. 

You know that right?

You've always been there. 


So Past, 

how about you don't leave entirely

You just cameo 

So I don't ever forget

what we've been through 






B.B. JohnPast, lesson, letter, poem