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A love I can't contain

I never can quite describe my love 


I'd use all the words in the dictionary 

But that's still not enough 


At times I'd doubt my love 

Then I think of all the little details I've memorised 

And know my feelings are true 


Your fake laugh when you're uncomfortable 

The way you shuffle in your seat when you're caught off guard 

Or the way your voice changes 

Ever so slightly 

When backed into a corner 


Cos my favourite thing to do

Used to be studying you


From the lines in your face 

to the curve in your walk


But I never can quite describe my love 


Half way through

already overwhelmed 

'Cos I don't quite get 

How I fell in over my head 


A heart that's not within me 

Is the beat to which I follow. 


So like every other attempt 

I'm abandoning writing about a love 

I can barely contain 





B.B. John