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The man who first stole my heart

I can never explain my love for my grandad 

I just genuinely love him. 

It's crazy 

I never grew up in a household with him

He raised my cousins for a while 


But I've just always been drawn to him 


He's the silent, strong type 

We can sit on the porch 

In silence 

And he might randomly ask me a question 

Then tell me a story 


And when he laughs 

My whole body fills with warmth 

He rarely laughs 

Well not as much as my nan


I love my nan 

she's like my mum 

Exactly the same. 



Nosey lol. 


I wish my gran dad spoke more 

But then again I love the exact amount he speaks now 

It makes everything he says double important 


And he never shouts 

He never had too

Everyone kinda stops to hear what he has to say 


My grandad never hugged me 

Well not that I remember 

But his words have always held me 

His smile when I talk 

Or just before I make him laugh 

His eyes light up with pride when I tell him my life goals 

Then he proceedes to make dua 

He never fails to pray for me 


His way of telling me, every day he loves me. 


So when my grandad says 

"He prays he gets to witness my wedding" 


Understand why I cry. 


Fathers don't usually walk people down the aisle at Nikkahs

But if I can 

I want my grandad on my arm

Followed by my whole clan


Cos if there's one thing I'm grateful for 

It's the men God blessed me with 

From my Grandad down 


- Edit: pops passed before he could walk me down that line


B.B. John