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That moment. Tahajjud

When your fore'ed kisses the mat 
And you press your nose to the ground 

And Just before you part your lips 
When your burdens roll off your back 

There. It's at That moment 
When I know 
I'm bout to release it all into the hands of the Greatest. 
The King 
The Wise 
The Merciful 
The Protector  
The Mighty 

I know that I'm putting it all in the hands of the One
The Judge 
The First
The Last 

The Light. 
The Guide

My Light. My Guide. 
In that moment, when the world is forgotten 
As I prepare to exhale my worries 
And I fight back tears 

It's in that moment I achieve true serenity. 
Because in that moment 
I know that my Lord has control 

And He does not forsake the believers 

B.B. John