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How To Deal With Copycats

It's the time old problem... getting rid of imitators.

If imitators aren't causing you or your business grief, then you're works probably rubbish. 

LOL JK! No but seriously...

I'm the sensitive type, so it used to give me anxiety. It felt like certain people were just watching my every move and then doing it too, I actually started to change my patterns to try avoid/minimise our interactions (I still do tbh).

It honestly felt like I'd come up with an idea and they'd run away with it. At first I thought I was paranoid and just over thinking things, so I mentioned it to my team and before long they were seeing it too.

Lawd, it felt good not to be crazy

So here are a few things I did to survive my copycats... and as always, comment below anything different you do.

  1. Make du'a that Allah SWT grants them success in their endeavours
  2. Remind yourself that provision is from Allah SWT
  3. Do everything you physically can to be YOUR best, make du'a, pray tahajjud, fast...tie your camel
  4. Don't monitor what they're doing - block, delete... out of sight, out of mind
  5. don't give up, or abandon what you're doing
  6. constantly re-evaluate your ideas, adapt and tweak them. Before you know it your idea is different from the one that was copied
  7. put 100% of YOU into what you do. NOBODY CAN EVER BE YOU!
  8. obviously if you can, sue their a$$! LOL! 
  9. Never reveal all your secrets, even to your closest friends. (But try not to become like me all secretive and private lool. I have no middle path y'see)
  10. Think before you act. If it's not a big deal, let it go. If you know your copycat personally, try letting them know. 

#LifeHack - Keep doing you. Use lifes little hiccups as motivation to be better, think way outside of the box, grow. I know cutting people off gets a bad rep, but I'm a big believer in protecting your mental health. You know your limits, what gets under your skin, your pet peeves etc... So why let these things keep bothering you? Make like twitter and unfollow b... Protect your comfort zone fiercely and don't let anyone make you feel bad for doing so.

side note protecting your mental health isn't a blanket pass to be a jerk. 

Treat people kindly, smile, laugh, love.... just love yourself a little more

mwah xx