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In The Hot Seat With @FourCornersInteriors

Here at Brimah and John, we have numerous inspirations! One of which are fabulous women, with a passion and a drive to do what they love and what makes them happy. These women are forging a path for themselves in their chosen fields and are an inspiration to us all. So what we like to do, is sit them down in the hot seat, shine a spot light on them... and get to know them a little better

Flashback 10+ years or so (cos I'm a young babe obvi), to around primary school times, and the new Argos catalogue came out. Were you one of the cool kids who'd grab the latest catalogue, some pritt sticks, scissors and an A4 paper? Did you spend hours cutting and sticking together your ideal bedroom? Before windows paint, and adobe photoshop days. Before ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Those were the real G days! Alimah from Four Corners Interiors gets to live it every day.

What inspired your business name "four corners interiors"? 

I love to travel and to explore culture, colour and design so the concept of my business was to cater to different interior styles, influenced by the places I have visited. My main sources of inspiration were West Africa and Arab design but I also love western, more mainstream interiors. In order to include my passion for each style coming from different parts of the world I decided four corners worked well! Four corners represents for four corners of the world, not that there are actually just 4!


Tell us about the concept behind Four Corners.

The concept of Four Corners is essentially a celebration of various cultures and how they influence design. I love colour, print and patterns but I also love minimal, more contemporary styles. My business aims to capture different elements of interior design and provide custom soft furnishings that cater to widely varying styles. 


From our understanding you actually come from a legal background, tell us how you found yourself  in interior styling?

Indeed I do come from a legal background and I am still in the legal/finance world in my day job career. I discovered my love for interior design very early, around 12. I was obsessed with candles and a BBC show called changing rooms. I started projects around the home but once I hit around 16 I realised I also had an intellect I wanted to utilise so I put interior design on the back burner and focused on my academic side. Something I don't regret, but if I could, I would have pursued interior design as a career and not a bobbie as intended. 


What does a four corners day involve?

Well, that varies significantly. As i work full time in a very corporate environment, on a work day it consists of going to my actual job and post a picture or few on my social media sites (instagram, Facebook and twitter). I check mail en route to work to check for any orders via the site, Etsy or DM on instagram. I tend not to answer any business related questions at work as my job is demanding but I occasionally post items during lunch break so I would normally send an email confirming dispatch. 


On a Four Corners day, weekend - it usually starts the same, instagram, checking emails, packing an order or two. I also spend some time stock taking, updating my stock database and adding to my accounts. If I have any custom orders, I will make them at home in my office. I spend minimal time on site maintenance or Etsy but I do spend alot of time on social media, networking and gathering images for my pages.


What inspires you? 

The idea of leaving a mark on my community or even the minds of people who I crossed paths with inspires me. I am inspired by strong women, with passion, resolve and pragmatism. 


Creatively, I am inspired by the world at large, the sea, the sky, I adore flowers, trees and colour. Travelling is a huge source of inspiration. 


Do you have a personal favourite amongst your collection? 

Hmmm...I'm not sure if I do. As I think I might be slightly influenced by what has been most popular in terms of sales! But my favourite item in my collection is probably a lampshade I have in my office made of the first set of sample fabric I used back in 2012 or 2013. Its a rich kente pattern and I jet love it! 


You're in an empty white walled room, how do you style it? 

Well, that depends on what the room is for! I'll use a master bedroom as inspiration. 


I would have an invisible wardrobe fitted into the back wall, mirrored floor to ceiling to create the illusion of space. The mirrors would have covert lighting around the edges that look amazing at night. The focal wall in the centre would house a Queen sized bed with a custom, high quilted, mint green headboard. My bed spread would be a blend of white and mint green with a grey throw on the edge. The end of the bed would see a wide quilted bed stall, also mint green. Either side of the white, based bed would be two bedside tables with large symmetrical lamps covered in my favourite modern moroccan style pattern. 


I would have a large silver modern style chandelier, think Arabic design. On the far side of the room, by the window, I would have two large grey arm chairs (think hotel lounge), with silver studs around the edges. Not quilted though, I may become sick of that trend! And a small circular glass table for reading with a Turkish silver tea set just waiting to be used!


The floor would have a large rug in the centre for warmth. But the walls would remain plain...for now!


Describe a room in your dream home?

The above is my dream master bedroom!


What's next for Four Corners Interiors?

Well, I am working on a furniture collaboration with a friend of mine. So I want to move more into upholstery then soft furnishings. I would love to actually have some design projects to work on but time makes that hugely difficult. I would also like to provide decor for hotels as hotel hoping is now one of my favourite past times, on account of, the decor is amazing in so many hotels I have visited. 


Let's talk about a different type of styling, how would you describe your personal style? 

Hmmm...well rounded! I think I do a bit of everything with my personal style. I am a self proclaimed shoppaholic, though not proud. But it does mean I have everything from high top blazers (trainers), to lace up peep toe heels. I like layers and I like colour but as I age I am moving more towards more subtle colours like black and grey with pops of colour. 


If you could only keep three things from your wardrobe what would you pick? 

Oooh, I love this question. At the moment on is a navy, chiffon, maxi shirt dress I got from Boohoo. I am obsessed with it! I have only worn it once so far but I do love my recent navy blue cape blazer and since my wardrobe doesn't have bags or shoes, the final would be...a grey robe abaya I got from Inaya.


You walk into a room with 5 accessories you've been eyeing, what are they? 

I take it accessories includes shoes and bags? 1. Chanel espadrilles 2. Hermes cuff bracelet 3. Hermes bright blue handbag 4. A set of brass rings - like 20, I like to overdo it! 5. A silk blend black scarf/hijab. 


you can only keep 1 out of the 5 which would it be?


Oh...didn't see that coming! Hmmm...the handbag!


What's your "on fleek" outfit, you know that outfit you own that never fails to have you looking 10/10?

Haha, hmmm...I don't have just one! Mainly because I don't wear the same dressy uppy outfit more than once or twice. But right now I know when I wear a ninja hijab under a turban scarf style, it tops of most dressy outfits really well. I would say a pair or peg leg style loose trousers, a power shoulder blazer (because I still love those), a silk or chiffon blouse, and a pair of heels and cute handbag or clutch would do me good. 


Who's your style crush?

Hmmm don't judge me but I do love Rihanna's style! And mainstream can i get! Oh actually, Tracee Ellis Ross is my style crush!

Sunglasses at the beach, or Wellies on an adventure trail?

BOTH! I'm all about the balance!


We know you love to travel, where have you been and which place was your favourite?

Nice question, I have been to the USA about 5 times (Houston, San Antonio and New York), Saudi Arabia, France (Paris, Lille and the South of France), Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Greece, Qatar and I am going to Dubai in two weeks (In Shaa Allah) and Tenerife (lol I know, in July). Its hard to choose a fav! I have been to a few places more than once so like my fav beach holiday was Portugal last year but when I first went 5 years ago it wasn't! I think my favourite has to have been Kenya as I was there for 10 weeks and it was the richest travel experience I have ever had! Fun factor - Egypt, family - Houston, relaxation - Tunisia, luxury - Qatar. 


What's your biggest pet peeve?

Rudeness, people butting into conversations, lying and cowardliness. 


If you were guaranteed one wish, what would you wish for? 



If you could go shopping in anyone's wardrobe, who's would it be?

Blogger, style pantry - as she has very wide ranging style like me!


You've gone a week without your phone, laptop, or any other interpersonal contact, who do you miss talking to? 

There really isn't just one person! 


And our fave question here at Brimah and John 

You've got £250 to spend at what pieces do you buy?


‎Easy - grey brocade skirt (£115)

Mustard striped trousers (£45)

Floral Kimono - (£55)

Cream and sandy brown longline short (£35)

= £250!!! :)

Erm, is there room for two in your ideal house? Better still, is there room for me in your suitcase? Called four corners and been to the four corners, wow! Ma sha Allah! Thanks for joining us in our hot seat sis loved loved loved it.