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My Fast and Furious True Story

Curious about what the four one one is on driving out in the United Arab Emirates? Is it really all Fast and Furious out there?

But first, if you haven't already you can watch my lil video rant before going on to read... or you can read first, it's your life *shrugs*


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*Rubs hands together* Okay, let's begin

So if you've watched the vid you'll have pretty much gathered that driving in the U.A.E has been an experience and a half. However, I must say I LOVE driving out there. Actually I love driving in general, and not to toot my own horn *beep beep* but I'm a pretty decent driver. Driving in the U.A.E was a bit of a culture shock at first, but now I'm used to it and it really is just a few bad apples.

giphy (1).gif

But let me tell you about one of those bad apples...

One day I was driving back from somewhere, it was most likely during Ramadhan, I'm a little foggy on the details. Anywhoo, what I do remember is that I was in a hurry to get home, I think I wanted to be in before/by maghrib - food inni - so I was a little angsty. 

Well there was a cab driver in front of me and he kept jumping between the lane on my left and my lane, to add to it he was driving below the speed limit... you can guess my mood, I was irritated. As in, "can you just get out I'm in a hurry" irritated. So I did what any sane person would do and overtook him. Apparently that small gesture must have offended him, 'cos ole dude raced to overtake me back... I was blown! "Yo! You weren't even moving in the first place, why you mad?".

giphy (2).gif

He didn't stop there though...

giphy (10).gif

He decided I must be punished and decided to drop his speed significantly... again, I was blown. This man was mad?! And this is my mum's car, he must be high to try and damage the car. Anyways, as a sane young woman, I thought I needed to leave the lane and this mad man to his mad ways and continue on my business. I indicated, checked my mirrors and shifted... it's not me you'll do this with mate.

Little did I know...

giphy (11).gif

Ole dude was skilled in his madness. I wasn't even comfortable in the lane before he jumped into my new lane and braked on my ass. Proceeding then to drive as slowly as possible. I shifted lanes once again because "really dude, you too grown for this". Lols! He followed and continued, he was determined I would not reach my destination in peace.

I actually had to humble and drive at no miles per hour. Why? Because he is mad! Not my car, not my country, not my language...I had no confidence to start a war.

It's a scar I hold deep till this day, a man took me for a mug y'kna.

Do you know what's mad... cab driver had passengers! He fully was mocking me, because he did all this with two oyinbos (white people) in the back.

Do you know what's funny...

... Last Eid on our way to Dubai, my mum, Aishah and I witnessed it happening to some ladies. I felt their pain, the way I minded my business though. I was practically blindddd, I couldn't risk becoming the driver's next victim.


Okay, so this has been more Slow and Serious than Fast and Furious. I decided to only tell one story, I'll save the others for another day...

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