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Let’s talk about all the things I’ve learnt this year.

Hi 👋🏽

Let’s talk about all the things I’ve learnt/ ways I’ve upgraded myself this year.  The years not over but I’m in a reflective mood soooo.... meh, you’re getting a blog post 

Actually Islamic year just ended so ha!


  • Follow through.

Nothing is worse than unfulfilled potential.

It’s easier to follow through when you speak on things.

Tell people. Get yourself an accountability buddy. 

It’s a difficult one because at the same time you don’t want to talk too much and have people knowing your business.


  • Mind your business

Mehn if this isn’t common sense by now I don’t know what kind of life you’re living, but I want no part.

I mind my business in all meanings of the phrase. I don’t share my business plans or personal gist with just anybody. What I share I’m prepared for the world to know.

Assumption of secrecy in this day and age is foolishness tbh.

I also don’t put my nose in other peoples business.

I have a rule; I won’t mention something/someone unless you bring it up. So even if I know of someone who has bad business practices, unless you say you plan on working with them I won’t involve my mouth in their affairs.

This exposing culture is not for me. That’s God’s work.

Additionally a lot of small businesses mix up business and personal... I make it my mission not to get caught up in the feels - hardest thing ever.

Just because someone is friendly doesn’t mean they’re your friend. Don’t get caught up in the hahaha’s.


  • All that glitters isn’t gold

Listen!!! Some people can talk your ear off with resume and air. “Curate” is the word of the season.

Take it all with a bucket of salt, pinching is for the weak.


  • On the flip side - fake it till you make it.

I’m sure you’ll figure out the balance with trial and error.


  • Turn your phone off.

Scrolling takes up more time than you realise it’s actually scary. I’m not going to share my screen time and phone pick up numbers - download the moments app and check it for yourself.


  • Maktub n chill 

I dunno about y’all without faith or who don’t believe in God but for me there’s proper comfort in knowing it’s all been written.

Deffo helps with the anxiety that comes with chasing dreams and goals.

Sometimes pause and Thank God especially when it’s going all wrong. The hardest times to thank God is exactly when you should.


  • The thicker you are the better ;)

Grow a thick outer layer. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and everyone and their cat will piss you off. A lot of the time people won’t even know they’re annoying, you just want to mush their useless face or mute them in real life.

They probably haven’t even done anything wrong. It’s just some days are for mushing faces. 


  • Don’t limit yourself for the sake of others.

These 2d social media projections of yourself do not accurately represent you in your complex entirety, so why care what internet people think of you?

Same goes for real life people tbh.

Only God knows your heart - understand that plis. That’s not a small ting x


  • There’s both not enough time and more than enough time

Headache much? When you process and understand what I’m saying hit me up Yoda.

It’s really not that hard to understand but also the most frustrating thing ever. There’s a balance somewhere and you’ll love your life trying to figure it out.


  • You’re not that special. 

Honestly. You’re really not.


  • Don’t be discouraged.

Sometimes cheer for yourself a little too much. Print nice things people say about you and make a collage. Retweet compliments.

Force the motivation. It’s so easy to get lost in the struggle, the seemingly lack of support, the silence.

I like to look at my love, the love I give and the love I receive. It fills my heart I can’t lie.

Lately my crewdem have been overly expressive in their love and belief in me, I’m sure they can sense I need words of affirmation daily. It’s really what keeps me misbehaving at full speed.