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Here at Brimah + John I have two main beliefs "No-one can dictate you, to you" and "aspire for progress not perfection". 

“This is a space where voices are heard and it turns out, I’m really good at listening”


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Colours et Stripes

There's so much fun in this shoot...

Buki (The Plug) and I took some camera sturves to my local park found a nice little corner and did what we do best... act crazyyy. I lurv Buki, I'm guaranteed a laugh with her and so much warmth. She fully encourages my weird sides too. 

"Leaping,  I'm Leapingggg"...

... Run Nimz, Run! 

There's something about a colourful outfit that just brings out all of your warmth and good vibes.

A colourful life [&&] A warm heart...

My goal has always been to give off warmth and good vibes. I've had enough grey energy to last me a life time mehnnn

We chill...

...We slay!

...We slay!

Le plug

Le plug

Y'all see why I call her the plug...she always comes through. Looking forward to seeing what my creative lover gets up to this summer man!

The Plug.

I think I'm Having a love affair with the colour blue this summer... I've been having to forcefully stopping myself from wearing anymore blue (or my yellow converses) - I'm clearly failing. 

More pics for the squaa... enjoy :)