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Here at Brimah + John I have two main beliefs "No-one can dictate you, to you" and "aspire for progress not perfection". 

“This is a space where voices are heard and it turns out, I’m really good at listening”


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The Big Bang

A collection of portraits shot by me (Nim) and looks styled by me taken over the spring of 2015.

My first attempt at (fashion) photography and the catalyst for my change in direction and discovery of art direction.

Through this project unbeknownst to me, I dipped my toes into the world of visual story telling. My yearning to do more,  create more and take my images to another level motivated me to keep on learning and reading.

Finally my discovery of photographer Tim Walker cemented my passion for story telling within me. I found someone who was doing everything I wanted to do. Until then I knew what I wanted to do, but not how to label it. Without the correct words my dreams stayed within me, unabled to be shared.

I now have a clear goal, a finish line... and this project marks my start line.