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#30DaysOfIftaar Day 19 Veg Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice, Nigerian Style.


What You’ll Need:

• Rice

• Carrot

• Green pepper

• Green peas

• Spring Onions

• Seasoning: Curry, Dried Thyme, Salt, Knorr cubes

• Vegetable oil.

• Cow Liver

How to prepare:

• In a clean pot, boil the rice till it is close to being soft.

• Boil the cow liver

• Dice the carrot, peas, pepper and spring onions

• Then in another pot add vegetable oil and the diced vegetables, then leave to fry

• Add the seasoning to the vegetables (a lot of people don’t do it this way, but I prefer it).

• Put the parboiled rice with the mixed vegetables and stir

• Leave to cook till rice is soft

• Cover the rice properly for a while (to do this I usually put a foil on the pot before covering it with its lid)

• This airtight coverage allows the rice to properly absorb the ingredients

• That’s your fried rice.

Best Wishes