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#30DaysOfIftaar Day 16 Catfish, Rice and Coleslaw

So today’s Iftaar idea is catfish with rice and coleslaw. At first I assumed no one would actually need a recipe to make plain white rice until some months ago when I received a call from a guy asking whether he was to put the rice salt or the water first in the pot!

I was too confused; I thought I could not hear properly. LOL. So please to cook rice, do not put the salt in the pot first okay? Thank you.

Then the catfish, is quite easy all you need to do is rinse it with either alum or lime till its no longer as slimy, then put it in the pot of stew till its soft.

This meal was prepared in less than 30 minutes and it tasted so nice.

So if you are running late and you need to prepare iftaar, rice and stew is actually one of the safest things you can make and don’t forget to spice it up with either coleslaw or salad.


Fareey (@foodaholique)

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