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#30DaysOfIftaar Day 13 Whole Wheat Pancakes

I like to believe I belong to the fit family.

I hope everyone is excited today? Remember that you have a very good reason to be, because other people would kill to be in your shoes. Alhamdulillah always!

So yeah, most people that know me would know that I like to tell my self that I eat healthy. Just so that I convince myself that I am not consuming junk food, I made pancakes with whole-wheat flour and I ate them with grapes. LOL.

My first attempt at whole-wheat pancakes was a disaster. Everything was just falling apart. I almost cried my self into believing that may be the healthy life is not for me (please don’t laugh at me). Well, eventually, it turned out perfectly well but it was more of crepes and less of actual pancakes.

This meal is one awesome quick fix and it is filling to an extent so ensure not to consume too much for iftaar otherwise taraweeh becomes impossible.

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