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#30DaysOfIftaar Day 12 Amala and Ewedu

Amala Will Not Make your Skin Darker

It is another day, and I am really grateful to Allah for making this Ramadan easy for us and also I would like to thank Brimah and John for this lovely 30 days of iftaar blogging idea.

Amala is a meal mostly consumed by the people in the southwestern part of Nigeria, especially people from Ibadan the Oyo State Capital. This is one meal that must NEVER go wrong, in that the moment it has lumps, it is completely ruined. It therefore requires 100% concentration; you cannot afford to be distracted.  

One day I asked my little cousin why he cried any time he was offered Amala and he said that he realized that any time he had it, his skin colour got darker and so he would rather have eba (cassava flour) instead. I think I laughed at intervals that day for about 30 minutes.

When I was done eating this Amala and Ewedu, my mum said I had to take a picture of my plate to show the world how sweet the meal was. LOL. Of course I did not answer her; I am too shy to do that but if you really want to see it, drop a comment and I’ll take an after picture of one of my meals.

How to Make Amala

Sieve the Elubo (Yam flour)

In boiled water, add the flour and stir until there are no visible lumps.

Add a little more water to the formed paste and leave to cook for some minutes.

Then stir again for some minutes.

And your Amala is Ready.

P: S- Eat it while it is super hot, you do not want to try cold Amala, trust me.

For more food pics, check out @foodaholique instagram <3