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#30DaysOfIftaar Day 11 Beans and Plantain


As-Salaam Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, we have gone through a third of Ramadan already. May we reap the numerous rewards that come with it.

The first Iftaar suggestion is beans and plantain (which would subsequently be referred to as dodo).  Let me tell you an extremely short story.

Once upon a time, I hated beans with all my heart. The End. LOL.

Actually there was a time I really did not even like the sight of beans. It was as bad as me not wanting anything to do with it, including not wanting moi moi (bean cake) or Akara (fried bean balls). I even started to tell people that I was allergic to beans. But eventually, I got tired of having the same kinds of meal over and over.

So about 3 years ago, at a friend’s house, I was offered beans and I really did not want to say no. So I ate it and to my surprise I really liked it.

On getting home I tried it again and it tasted even better.

As I speak, I doubt I can do without beans in a whole month.

So enough of my story, lets discuss the content of the meal.

In my opinion the first step to self-confidence is knowing that the dodo can never be too much for the beans. Do not let anyone talk you into believing that you have added too much plantain to your beans. Honestly, beans and plantain are the bonnie and clyde of food; they are better served together!

What you’ll need to make this

Beans (of course)

Palm oil



Knorr cubes



Vegetable oil.

GOODLUCK attempting to make it! Haha.


Proud foodie.