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Stories For The Soul: Sa'd ibn Mu'adh #SahabaSaturdays

I initially started this story on instagram, but there were just too many narrations, and "subhanAllah" moments for me to condense it into one post... so voila, the full Sa'd ibn Mu'adh post...

I'm still knee deep in research, trying to understand the things he did and said that warranted him such a magnificent exit of this world.

I always say, even if I can emulate a tenth of the characteristics of the Sahaba, I'd be super happy and honoured! SubhanAllah to even have one Angel seek permission from Allah to attend MY Janazah! Mehnnnn, I'd be mind blownnnn...

I'd probably get up from my coffin and shoulder roll...

I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid


Sa'd ibn Mu'adh was brought to Islam by Mus'ab ibn Umayr. He was of the Ansar

It is said that had Sa'd lived past the Prophet (SAW) he would have been on the level of AbuBakr (RA) and Umar ibn Khattab (RA). He'd have most likely been a Khalifa. That was his ranking.

He was the leader of a tribe in Madinah. When Sa'd ibn Mu'adh accepted Islam, he converted his entire clan. They loved him so much, they accepted Islam, because he said so. That's how beloved and trusted he was. He accepted Islam before the migration of the Prophet (SAW) to Madinah.  

Sa'd ibn Mu'adh was known to always have a fever. Why? Because once the Prophet (SAW) mentioned that "a fever is a tribulation, but it's also a  blessing. A fever is a form of fire from the Jahanam, so whoever gets it in this world, won't get the fire in the hereafter". So Sa'd made du'a to Allah to always have a fever, and it never left him till he passed.

This doesn't mean you're protected completely from Jahanam, it's a form of cleansing. It's a blessing from Allah, Allah wants to bring you closer to him

‎He died from a wound from the battle of the trench. Not immediately, but the wound never healed.

Now this subhanAllah is where it gets truly beautiful, and we can understand the rank of Sa'd a little better.

Instagram peeps, this is where we left off! 

When the wound reopened and started to bleed again, the Prophet (SAW) realising these may be his final days, placed Sa'ds head in his lap and sat with him. The Prophet would visit Sa'd (RA) frequently in this period. 

When his clan came and saw Sa'ds head in the Prophets (SAW) lap, they became fearful of him dying and left. 

When the Prophet (SAW) heard his clan left him, the Prophet (SAW) said "Angels equal to the number of people in the clan of Sa'd, went to Allah and asked for permission to be present at the time of death of Sa'd ibn Mu'adh"

A sahaba recollected an event which took place during the days Sa'd (RA) was sick. He says... 

...the Prophet (SAW) entered the room where Sa'd was in a very odd way, it was as though he was manoeuvring around objects/people. Although the room was empty. He (the Prophet) gestured for us to stay at the entrance and not enter. 

So when the Prophet (saw) came out, and he came out in a similar fashion, I asked him why he did so? 

The Prophet (SAW) replied ‎ "I did not have any room to sit, until one of the angels wrapped his wings providing space to sit".... 

So basically, their was a huge gathering of Angels around his sick bed, thus the Prophet (SAW) had to manoeuvre through them.

Following this, one night as the Prophet (SAW) slept, an Angel came to the Prophet (SAW) in his dream, and asked "who is the person that just died? The beings in the sky are congratulating each other, because he's gone to them now" 

The Prophet replied "I don't know, except Sa'd has been sick for a few days"

When the Prophet (SAW) woke up and asked after Sa'd (RA) he discovered he'd passed away that night. 

Now, the morning when the Prophet (SAW) went to lead Sa'ds (RA) Janazah, he was walking so fast, the Sahaba were struggling to keep up, and asked him the reason for his haste. The Prophet (SAW) replied "I fear the Angels will reach Sa'd before us and pray his Janazah first, I want to get there before they do" 

But it doesn't even stop there guys, subhanAllah

When they were digging the grave of Sa'd, the Sahaba kept smelling musk from the dirt. Each mound off dirt gave off a nice smell, purely because it was going to be the grave of Sa'd ibn Mu'adh (RA)

Then when they put Sa'd in his grave, the colour of the Prophet's (SAW) face changed. The Prophet (SAW) then said "subhanAllah" very loudly and the sahaba all repeated it. He then said "Alhamdullilah" and followed with "AllahuAkbar". The sahaba repeated again. So loud they could be heard all over the cemetery.

Afterwards the Sahaba asked the Prophet (SAW) why he did so, he said "if there were a person, whom the grave would not have squeezed, It would have been Sa'd! So I said SubhanAllah when the grave squeezed him, and Alhamdulilah and AllahuAkbar when it released him." 

Just so you understand the significance of this, The Prophet (SAW) said, "Every horrific thing i've seen on earth, the grave is more horrific". SubhanAllah, and if anyone was to be spared, it would have been Sa'd ibn Mu'adh (RA). 

Sa'd was a big guy. When he sat on a horse, his feet would touch the ground. He was tall and wide. Therefore his coffin would be expected to be very heavy, but the Sahaba noted it was very light. So they mentioned this to the Prophet (SAW).

The Prophet told them, 70,000 Angels came to attend his Janazah. These were such Angels who have never come down to earth before this, and they helped carry his coffin.

Sa'd ibn Mu'adh, The throne of Allah shook on his death, the doors of heaven opened to welcome his soul, and 70,000 Angels came down especially to accompany the janazah of Sa'd ibn Mu'adh. He's the only man that we know, that the Prophet (SAW) told the sahaba to stand up for, he told them "Stand up for your master".

When Sa'd died, his mother was crying, the Prophet (SAW) said "every mourner is exaggerating except for the Mother of Sa'd", she's the only person that has a reason to mourn. 

SubhanAllah, may we all live lives worthy of being mourned. How do we learn about these amazing people and then feel satisfied with our level of ibaadah?! May Allah accept our acts of ibaadah, bring us closer to him. May Allah spare us from the punishment of the grave.

Stories like this remind me to never be content with my ibaadah, to continue to strive in the path of Allah. Its very easy for me to feel like i'm doing enough...  y'know those "I read and extra hour of Quran yesterday, so that's covered my hour for today" thoughts. Ya Allah protect me from the evil of my own Nafs, and the evil of Shaytaan, and the feeling of "I've done enough". 

Lol, I'm a big  fan of "I've done enough" or "I did it yesterday sooo, I can get away with skipping today". I can almost hear my mum saying "but do you not eat every day?" in response lol.