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In The Hot Seat With @cassetteplaya

Here at Brimah and John, we have numerous inspirations! One of which are fabulous women, with a passion and a drive to do what they love and what makes them happy. These women are forging a path for themselves in their chosen fields and are an inspiration to us all. So what we like to do, is sit them down in the hot seat, shine a spot light on them... and get to know them a little better.

Damnnnnn Nimz, back at it again with anotherrr hot seat! Today we have the effervescent Carri Munden of Cassette Playa with us. Brief but packs a punch, in this instalment we talk London Fashion Week's Fashion Utopia, Hijup and Cassette Playa.

Tell us a bit about your background, and the role you played in the Fashion Utopias installation


My background is Fashion Design but I also work as a stylist and creative director. For Fashion Utopia I curated the Indonesia room - showcasing 4 Modestwear Womenswear designers. I art directed 4 animated films that were projected in the space alongside 2 looks from each designer.

How would you describe your journey into fashion/what key incidents/events led you to fashion?

I didn't decide on Fashion Design until my Foundation year at Kingston University but I have always been interested in style and textiles.

Can you share any highlights/memorable moments for yourself throughout the Fashion Utopias process?


I did not select the 4 designers, hijup did and so the first time I saw their work was really exciting for me. I enjoyed researching each designer as I selected looks for the installation, each was so individual and each so inspiring - each challenges concepts of modern modestwear design.

The theme 'utopia' is quite reflective as it makes us all wonder what our ideal world would look like... how would you describe your utopia?

My own personal utopia would be living on a tropical island in a tree house (with HD / wifi though of course)

In your utiopian world, what one item must be present...


not an item but my family <3

What singular piece of advice would you give the people of your utopian world? 

knowledge is power

What else do you hope to see/do/achieve this year?

I hope to do more creative direction work - installations and films

What's next for you/your brand 'Cassette Playa'?


I have chosen not to do collections / seasons with my brand (Cassette Playa) any more but I might still do collaborations / limited edition drops ; )

It's always awesome talking to someone doing exactly what you want to do! Personally I have sooo many questions for Carri, oo where to start lol... If you made it down to Fashion Utopia earlier this year then you already know Carri did some awesome work in the Indonesian room. 

Follow Carri and Cassette Playa on their Instagram (@cassetteplaya) or check out the website