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Stories For The Soul: Mus'ab Ibn Umayr #SahabaSaturdays

SO! Quick #NoseyFact, my first son will be called Mus'ab inshaAllah! Mus'abs story was one of the first I read at the start(ish) of my spiritual journey, and its never left me since! So I thought It would be fitting to share his story first bi'ithnillah x

Mus'ab ibn Umayr (RA) was born into wealth, he wore the best clothes and was well looked after. Admired as a youth for his good looks and intelligence, Mus'ab was well respected amongst the Quraysh. As you can imagine news of Muhammad (SAW) spreading the truth had the whole of Makkah buzzing, at the time the Muslims used to gather in secret, as the Quraysh were desperate to silence Muhammad (SAW) and quash the then few muslims

Mus'ab learnt of the muslims gathering at the house of al-Arqam (RA), undeterred by the hostility of the Quraysh he headed there to seek knowledge. There he found the Prophet (SAW) teaching, reciting the Quran and performing Salah. The Prophet (SAW) welcomed him, and Mus'ab (RA) accepted Islam in his first meeting with him.

This was a young man with a mind of his own. He knew not to judge Muhammad (SAW) based off of the actions and saying of his tribe. So to relate it back to our times, don't judge Islam off what the media and people tell you. LEARN IT YOURSELF!

However Mus'abs mother, Khunnas Bint Malik was a major concern for him. He decided to keep his acceptance of Islam a secret, and conceal it from her. He'd continue to visit the house of al-Arqam (RA) and meet with the muslims, and he hid his secret from his mother for a while, but not for long. On one such trip to the house of al-Arqam, Mus'ab (RA) was spotted by Uthman ibn Talhah (who wasn't muslim yet). Uthman also caught Mus'ab praying as Muhammad (SAW) did, the truth was clear to Uthman. 

Soon the news of Mus'abs conversion spread, and finally reached his mothers ears. On discovering her son had accepted Islam, Khunnas bounded Mus'ab in a corner of the house and placed guards over him. He became a prisoner in his own home, until he heard of Muslims heading off to Abyssinia to seek refuge. Mus'ab made a plan, and managed to escape his prison and join the other refugees. The muslims hoped to return back to Makkah once the conditions for them improved. So when news reached Abyssinia that the conditions had improved, Mus'ab made his way back to Makkah, unaware that the news was false. Once back in Makkah, Khunnas made a last attempt to gain control of Mus'ab, He plead with her to enter Islam, and she refused, so mother and son parted ways.

Once the truth was clear to him, Mus'ab (RA) accepted, despite his fears of his mother. Many of us are so afraid of our friends, family, society we shy away from doing whats right, out of fear of being judged. Maybe you are scared of being seen as an extremist, or you feel "Mozlem enough". Let us learn from Mus'ab (RA), and our fear of Allah should override everything else.

Mus'ab left his family, his wealth, and his lavish lifestyle for Islam. He went from wearing silk garments, to tattered and old jalbabs. 

This resonated deeply with me, as its so easy to get comfortable in your life, Mus'ab left the "good" life, for the right life. May Allah give us the strength to do the same. 

Many years later the Prophet (SAW) chose Mus'ab to be his first ambassador of Islam, sending him to Yathrib (now known as Madinah) to teach a small group of believers. By the will of Allah, many muslims were reverted through Mus'ab.

Fast forward to the battle of Badr, the muslims won, and took prisoners. Amongst the prisoners was Mus'abs brother, Abu Aziz ibn Umayr. Walking past his brother held captive Mus'ab (RA) turned to the guard and said "Tie him firmly... His mother is a women of great wealth and maybe she would ransom him for you". A shocked Abu Aziz asked Mus'ab "My brother, is this your instruction concerning me?" at which Mus'ab replied "He is my brother, not you" in reference to the guard holding Abu Aziz.

Family first, thats what we're taught. "Blood is thicker than water". SubhanAllah, as muslims we do not sever the ties of kinship, but we sometimes forget Deen is thicker than blood! May Allah make it easy for us to love one another as much as we love ourselves. 

At the battle of Uhud, Mus'ab now known as Mus'ab al-Khayr (the Good), was called upon by the Prophet (SAW) to hold the muslim standard (flag). The battle of Uhud is where the muslims went against the Prophets command and left their stations, this allowed the non-muslims to take advantage and put the Prophet (SAW) in danger. Seeing this, Mus'ab raised the standard high, shouted takbir, sword in one hand, standard in the other plunged into the Quraysh forces. He was outnumbered and his right hand was severed. Mus'ab was heard to repeat "Muhammad (SAW) is only a Messenger. Messengers have passed away before him". His left hand was then severed, he now held the standard between his stumps and repeated "Muhammad (SAW) is only a Messenger of God. Messengers have passed away before him". He was struck with a spear, he fell, and the standard fell. The words he repeated were later revealed to the Prophet (SAW) and became a part of the Quran.

"i cri evritiem"! This part is so emotional for me. SubhanAllah, look at what his saying. This (the Prophet SAW) is the man he sought out at night to learn from. This is the man whose words he left his family for. This is the man he loved more than he loved himself. Yet he says, he's only a messenger, messengers have died before. Showing his love for the deen, he wasn't fighting for the Prophet (SAW), he was fighting for Allah (SWT)! *sniffles* 

After the battle the Prophet went through the battlefield bidding farewell to the martyrs, when they came to Mus'abs body, tears flowed. They could not find any cloth to cover his body, except his garment. However when they covered his head, his leg showed, and vice versa. The Prophet (SAW) instructed "Place the garment over his head and cover his feet with the idhkhir plant",  the Prophet (SAW) recited from the Quran "Among the believers are men who have been true to what they have pledged to God" (Q33, v23). 

The Prophet (SAW) then looked over the battle field on which lay his dead companions: "The Messenger of God testifies that you are martyrs in the sight of God on the day of Qiyamah."

Then turning to the living companions around him he said: "O People! Visit them, send peace on them for, by Him in whose hand is my soul, any Muslim who sends peace on them until the day of Qiyamah, they would return the salutation of peace."

As-salaamu alayka yaa Mus'ab...

As-salaamu alaykum, ma'shar ash-shudhadaa.

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

Peace be on you, O Mus'ab...

Peace be on you all, O martyrs. .

Peace be on you and the mercy and blessings of God.

Do you now get why my son will be called Mus'ab al Khayr, inshaAllah? SubhanAllah, look at the qualities of this man. He was humble, intelligent, eloquent, and so much more. I always wonder, what kind of man must you be to inspire such characters, Mus'ab (RA) is awesome, but the Prophet (SAW) is so much more awesome.

I pray Allah SWT unites us in Jannah, and builds homes for us next to his x