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Stories For The Soul: al Miqdad ibn Amr (RA) #SahabaSaturdays

Al Miqdads father murdered someone and ran away to Yemen, where al Miqdad was born. Similarly, Al Miqdad also fought with someone and had to run away from Yemen, running to Makkah.

In Makkah, Al Miqdad sought protection from a man called Al-Aswad bin `Abd Yaghuth, they became so close that Al-Aswad decided to inform the Quraysh of his love for Al Miqdad, he declared Miqdad was going to be his son. Al-Miqdad then became known as Al-Miqdad ibn Aswad.

Whenever Al Miqdad used to travel, he'd over hear the people mentioning how a messenger was due. So he was expectant of the arrival of Muhammad (SAW). Thus when the Prophet started preaching the truth, Al Miqdad accepted Islam. He was one of the first 10 to accept Islam.

Al Miqdad was one of the last to migrate to Madinah, when he got there the Prophet (SAW) invited him to stay with him.

Al Miqdad shared a story of an event that occurred whilst staying with the Prophet (SAW)

"One day we had gone out and we came back, three of us came back to the Prophet SAW houe where we were staying. Everyday there'll be milk left for us to drink, on that day I was very hungry. So everyone drank their share but I was still very hungry.

Shaytaan came to me, and told me to drink Muhammads SAW share too, he kept encouraging me to do it, after I'd done so I was now worried as to what to do. So I pretended to sleep whilst I thought of a plan, but then the Prophet SAW came in."

When the Prophet (SAW) saw someone had drank his milk, he made a du'a "O Allah feed the one who feeds me, and quench the thirst of the one who quenches my thirst"

Upon hearing this, Al Miqdad got up, he wanted to be the one to feed the Prophet (SAW). He went to the goat and noticed even though the goat had been milked earlier, the udders were full. He milked the goat till the Prophet (SAW) drank to his fill, and al Miqdad drank. It was a miracle from Allah SWT.

Al Miqdad also had the honour of being related to the Prophet (SAW) by marriage. After having trouble getting married, got married to the Prophets (SAW) cousin. But what makes Al Miqdad stand out beyond this is of this incident that happened during the Battle of Badr.

the Prophet (SAW) and the companions never set out for war, prior to the battle of Badr. They had actually set out to recover a caravan of theirs from Abu Sufyan, however the Quraysh were prepared to fight.

This unexpected turn of events called for an important decision and quick resolve, as the Muslims had not come out to fight.

The Prophet (SAW) consulted his Companions, saying “O people, give me your counsel.”

Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Anhu stood and spoke well, and then ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu stood and spoke well. The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam then repeated his request, saying, “O people, give me your counsel.”

This is when Al Miqdad Ibn 'Amr came forth, and he was the only Companion who was riding a horse at the time.

He then said: “O Messenger of Allah, execute that (plan) which Allah has shown to you, for we are with you. By Allah, we will not say to you as the children of Israel said to Musa: "So go you and your Lord and fight you two, we are sitting right here.” Instead, we say to you, 'Go you and your Lord and fight: we are with you and will fight.’ And by the One Who sent you with the truth, if you led us to Birkul-Ghimad (a place on the outlying regions of Yemen)- we would fight alongside with you against those who come before it (and there were many tribes separating Al Madinah and Birkul-Ghimad), until you reached it. And we will indeed fight from your right, from your left, from before you, and from behind you - until Allah makes you victorious.“

On this firm and brave stance, the eminent Companion, 'Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud Radiyallahu Anhu said, "I witnessed a situation with Al-Miqdad Radiyallahu Anhu which made his companionship more beloved to me than anything similar to it.” -it was that speech of his.

It is reported that a man met Al-Miqdad, and said i'd love to look into your eyes because you were able to see the Prophet. Al-Miqdad replied, said Thank Allah that you are a muslim today! because if you were there at the time of the Prophet (SAW) just to see him, there were so many people who saw him and are now in Jahanam. So don't wish you were from amongst those who saw him, because you don't know if you saw him which side you'd have been on."