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I'm making a magazine in 30 days - Making of MKTB

Before we talk about making the magazine, the magazine cover or the magazine articles, y'know all the juicy stuff, let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm a dreamer. I like to pretend I'm realistic, but I'm really just a cautious over planning dreamer. The ten or so days between when I dreamt up the idea of the magazine (click the link for more) and the 1st May when the challenged started, I laughed and lived merrily.

Of course I mentally prepared myself too, or so I thought. I made mental to-do lists, condensing everything into; send emails, ask for help, trust people (they might prove you wrong), shoot pics, mag done!

I told myself "it'll be hard but where's the fun in easy?"

K. This is the part where I thank God for my stubbornness and plod on.

It'll be nothing short of a miracle if we complete the first issue in 30 days. Run for the hills, Allahu Akbar, miracle!

Commitments such as driving to Gambia

So, what have we gotten up to this first week? Well my friends, have you heard of black people timing?

Yeah! We're running on that too!

Meryl Streep come gather these folks for ya gurl.

Due to various commitments (such as driving to Gambia- wawu). We had our first team meeting on May 8th. Having been proceeded by an abundance of voice notes, phone calls and face time, of course.

Bet you can imagine how active I am with the homework distribution.

So, productive first meeting? Yes!

Had me feeling like we're not progressing from square one? Hell Yeah!!!

Gathering the community is proving a tall ask. 

This is the point in the movie where the sidekick first finds the Heroine and tells her the fate of the world lies in her hands.

This is the point in the movie where the sidekick first finds the Heroine and tells her the fate of the world lies in her hands. Of course she thinks she can't, she's just a regular gal who's massively underestimated herself. The life happens, a sudden rescue mission, Sensei drops them words of wisdom and *wham bham* sudden realisation of her potential.

Hey wham bham Sensei, Nimz is waiting on ya.

So as I wrap up with a customary, bun this and bun your cat - I need y'all to understand, things in life are hard. Getting that summer-bod, clearing them acne scars, glowing up to your final form, kidnapping Zion.T, making a magazine and most (Muslim) of all; maintaining a good (close) relationship with God.

But that doesn't mean you give up, plod on B. You a badman!