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Heaven Goals; 5 Things I Must Do In Heaven

Obviously, Heaven is the goal. If you ain't trying to get to heaven then #ByeFelicia, #Deuces, #ByeBooBooKitty...I could go on, I really could, but back to the point, 5 things I really want to do in heaven.

Now the main reason OBVIOUSLY, is because of the gardens, and rivers, and the beauty of Jannah. And Ofkess, because I'm too much of a fine babe to be BBQ'd in hell. But seriously, hell is not for me. Like, the description of hell, chai, subhanAllah #SozMates.

But beside all that, whenever I daydream about my heaven turn-ups (#PartyAtMine guys, y'all do your dhikrs cos this is a turn up you don't want to miss inshaAllah), these are a few things on my heaven to-do list.

  1. Sit down with the Prophet (saw)- I imagine it as us sitting in a circle, the Prophet (saw), me, Hamza, Mus'ab ibn Umayr, Muadh, Abu Bakr (RA) and a few other of my faves, bussing bants, sharing war stories and just straight lols. Obvi, I make the Prophet laugh a few times (that humble no teeth laugh of course). btw, clearly there'll be no such thing as anti-free mixing in heaven, cos i'm finna be in that mix and catch gist
  2. Check out Prophet Yusuf (AS). Not in a pervey creepy way (obviously). But to see how much we resemble each other ;)  (Lol, I think I've had too much sugar today). I really want to see what the world's most beautiful man looked like (for research purposes of course)
  3. Have Bilal (RA) call the adhan!!
  4. Long talks with the Umm Al-Muminin (Mother of the believers)...
  5.  Long walks alone talking to God. Kinda like what I do now, only I wont look crazy, and God'll talk back lol. 


What's on your to-do list? Let's compare notes...