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In The Hot Seat With @WWAGS

Here at Brimah and John, we have numerous inspirations! One of which are fabulous women, with a passion and a drive to do what they love and what makes them happy. These women are forging a path for themselves in their chosen fields and are an inspiration to us all. So what we like to do, is sit them down in the hot seat, shine a spot light on them... and get to know them a little better.

Have you ever met or followed someone who truly inspired you, or resonated with something deep within? This is Halima of WWAGS for me! I love love love how deen orientated she is, even our quick convos are filled with "inshaAllah" and "Alhamdullilahs". Halima (unintentionally) reminds me to remain God conscious. So much so that after talking to her, when I talk to others (usually non muslims) i'm lost as to how much inshaAllahs I can say, if at all... I just love people who bring me closer to Allah (intentionally or unintentionally), thus "I love you, Fisabillilah" could not be truer. 

Tell us a bit about WWAGS, what it stands for, how it all started and the concept behind it...



WWAGS stands for- Women Worshipping Allah Get Support. It initially started as an organisation to help women with low self-esteem with wardrobe styling and image therapy, and styling for Modest wear companies. It later evolved into what we have now, a Photography and styling company.


What is your background? What were you doing before WWAGS?

Before WWAGS, I studied Point of sale Visual Merchandising and Styling in Hertfordshire where we had the chance to experience and tap into a lot of the creative industry including styling, window dressing and film/digital photography.

I initially took up the styling side of the industry where I started working for M&S as a stylist.

Later, when entering the modest world for myself, there were not many stylists for hijab brands, which is where I started.

Over the years, I found a passion for photography and capturing the best of a brand, where, Alhamdulillah there has been a huge demand and Alhamdulillah the WWAGS family has grown with many creative stylists on the team.  


How has your WWAGS journey been? Challenges and highlights?

It has been good Alhamdulillah. Challenges are making sure everyone understands the concept of business. It can be troubling when there is no distinction between the ‘sister’ role and the ‘business’ role!

Highlights so far has been working with every client and bringing their collection to life.


Looking back is there anything you'd do differently?

Nothing would be done differently. Alhamdulillah, everything I believe is QadrAllah and I am Alhamdulillah content with where I am.


‎How would you describe your shoot day routine?‎


Depending on what I shoot, I get to the location and make sure I pick up a coffee on the way! Check I have everything set up and start shooting. We tend to have a short briefing before we start.

When we are done, I tend to pack up straight away, have a few minutes with the team and business and rush home! I like to make sure I back everything up when I get in. I then tend to catch up with correspondence from throughout the day which takes about two hours or so


How do you unwind from a particularly difficult day?

I tend to have to talk about it with my husband. He is a very calm person, so I like to go to him to release my feelings! I then tend to take an hour to myself, have a bath and then pray, read a book/Qur’an. I tend to contemplate to myself on how I can for future reference make sure any of the days difficulties can be avoided. I try to keep positive thoughts and try to work on myself spiritually.


You get booked for the perfect shoot, where's it at (shoot location) what's it for, and who's modelling (if there is one)?

The Dusty streets of Morocco where the markets and side roads are!


What's next for WWAGS? What would you say are your short-term and long-term goals?

We are currently working on a project called NAFSI. It is a project created to creatively capture what we as Muslims are facing in todays society with our nafs, so there is a lot coming out soon for this. Some international shoots possibly....

No planned goals that can be released currently!


Who would you say is/are your biggest motivators? 

Family and myself, Mash aa Allah


Let's talk a little about the woman behind the camera

How would you describe your personal style?

Basic. Black, neutrals and overalls. I love overalls. It is the essential modest piece. It’s an abaya, jacket and kimono all in one!

What's your hijab story? How did you start wearing it? ‎

I started wearing hijab at 18 going on 19. I've always been a wild personality and even to this day I am. I think the embracing of faith is what was missing before to keep a good balance in life. Without faith, the heart, mind and soul is lifeless. You will forever be lost. Theres more to the story, but we would be here all day!

If you could only keep three things from your wardrobe what would you pick?

‎Long black duster, black jeans and a long shirt dress

What's your "on fleek" outfit, you know that outfit you own that never fails to have you looking 10/10?‎

No idea. I am on ‘fleek’ everyday lol

Who's your style crush?

No one person. I don’t tend to go back to one person. I see as I go.

You've gone a week without your phone, laptop, or any other interpersonal contact, what's the first thing you do when you get them back? 


Possibly keep them switched off?! I’ll be honest, if it was not for WWAGS, I have no need for social media. I have my own instagram account which I probably log into twice a month if I remember, so I won’t be too fussed with social media. I can’t think what I would do to be honest, editing?


What's one thing you know now that you wish younger you knew?

Dad knows best.


Any advice for all the women out there carving their paths in life?

Go for it. You will only regret what you don’t do and will learn from what you did do.


And lastly our favourite Brimah and John question,

You've got £250 to spend at what pieces do you buy?

EASY!! I love the following

• Striped Mustard Wrap Dress

• Grey Brocade Skirt

• Striped Mustard Collarless Tuni

• Cream and Sandy Brown Longline Shirt

Anything else you'd like to add?‎

Love, laugh and be God conscious.

*all pics sourced from WWAGS instagram

See what I mean, mashaAllah? May Allah grant the WWAGS team success in this life and the next. Sisters supporting sisters, that's what its all about. Erm, who else wants to know the rest of Halima's hijab story? Sounds like something super inspiring...Check out @wwags on instagram or visit Don't forget your mashaAllah guys.

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