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Another way to style maxi skirt and jumper co-ords - Modest Fashion Style

Styled Eseosa in the Oversized maxi skirt and jumper (available to buy here). 

This is the more party girl of the two looks, would definitely suggest this sort of look for girls night/day outs, hen nights etc. 

A blazer and less accessories would also make this look business casual too.

I nicknamed this look on the instagram page as #BadAssFairy... lol. Leather jackets just do that for a look, bad it up a bit. The velvet bow adds a bit of playfulness to the look.


This look is styled as part of our #ModestyIsntJustMuslim campaign. Where we get non-muslims to model, and style them in looks, that are slightly different to their everyday style, but still modest. 

I know some of my muslim sisters are like "OMDZ sister, this isn't proper Hijab"... Gworl, i'm #PromotingModesty. Fear not sisters, I'm looking out for y'all lol. Summer's around the corner, lets get covering up to be the new fashion trend lol. #SayNoToMiniSkirtsAndCropTops 


Accessories - ASOS

Rings- midi rings, finger nail rings and oversized rings from various stores

Leather Jacket - New Look

Shoes - New Look

Oversized Shirt - Monki