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4 ways to style your Hijab and reclaim a bad Hijab day

A bad hijab day can ruin your whole day... is it even too much to say week?

There are two categories for a bad hijab, when it looks wrong and when it feels wrong. In my opinion the second type is the worst. Every time you turn your head it's grating at your neck, suffocating you, cutting into your face and just making you all round miserable. 

Here are 4  tips of mine to help turn a bad hijab day around.

**forgive me for my basic pics lol.


1. Loosen it. 

If you're wearing a stiff hijab, that's not offering much movement... gworl loosen that. Switch it up and wrap it loosely around your neck.


2. Messy Style (My Fave)

A good way to avoid a bad hijab day all together is to rock it already messy. Own it! With Messy style theres no need for symmetry or crease free lines.



3. Ninja cap and Throw over

Summer time my hijab stays a mess, you know the ever so annoying question "aren't you hot in that?" WELL YESS, DAMMITTT I AM! If you wrap your scarf around your head and neck 2 or more times, then you most definitely know about the summer time neck sweats... Wear a ninja cap that covers your neck, and throw you hijab on. Problem solved.



4. Don't care

If your problem is more how it looks over how it feels, then don't look in the mirror for the rest of the day lol. Or your reflection in shop windows, car side mirrors,  puddles,  your friend's sunglasses or even deep in bae's eyes lol.