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25 Things Korean Dramas Taught Me

I'm relatively new to the world of Korean dramas, but I landed with a splash. With a few dramas under my belt, I thought it was time to share my two cents. Here are 25 things I've learnt from Korean dramas applied to real life (ish/sorta).

Basically all the common plot lines that has me OD'n on kdramaland

giphy (10).gif

happily addicted at this point

1. If you're cute, two men will chase after you... one will often tell you your ugly though. 

Because apparently us gals love to be stalke  d... 

Because apparently us gals love to be stalked... 


2. Other girls will hate you (bully you) for not being pretty enough for their leading men 

Don't they know its what's inside that counts? Gahhh!


3. Perseverance. Never give up on getting your man...

No love is true till it withstands the test of time, side chicks, evil moms, dads, siblings... literally


4. Bullying is severe...

giphy (12).gif

Oh what i'd give for our heroine to throw a knock out punch just once


5. If you have another man chasing you,  go with him. The road to getting your leading man is treacherous.

giphy (25).gif

I suffer from serious Second Lead Syndrome... the second lead is always the better man, but he's forever stuck in the friendzone! GAAHHHH! 

Okay, Young Do treated her worse, but what can I say? Them eyebrowssssss


6. Mother in laws aren't your friend. You're never good enough for her son

giphy (14).gif

Tell a lie, some mother in laws have been great... so that's a bit of a most times but not always.


7. The scene isn't dramatic enough till you've seen it from a minimum of 5 different angles

giphy (29).gif

Cut to close up- cut to aerial - long shot - close up again - now extreme close up cos we need to see the beads of sweat - finally dum dum dum... slow motion


8. The leading man will forcefully grab your hand and pull for a hug at least 3x in the drama

giphy (3).gif

whilst you walk away in extreme slow motion of course... I mean you're really trying to get away from him inni? Yhh...sure...


9. The ditzyer the female the better

giphy (27).gif

I know I said this already, but I mean, can we get more strong don't care about nothing female leads...

K! I spoke too soon, I've since discovered super strong female characters... but "playful kiss" will always have the most annoying first lead everrr!


10. Your childhood love is always better the second time round as adults.

Your love isn't true unless you've met and had a moment at some point in your childhood... I mean how else would it be destiny?

11. Get you a chaebol and ghost

Oppa saranghaeyo... Lordt knows I need me a Chaebol


12. Somehow, He always shows up to fight the bad guys just in the nick of time.

giphy (31).gif

logistics for why... At this point I don't even question it anymore. *Que knock out punch from leading man in 5,4,3...*


13. Revenge and Love are the only reasons.

giphy (21).gif

Because why else...


14. "Healer" was amazing.

giphy (6).gif
giphy (5).gif

Lordttt! The way Ji Chang-Wook switched it up from nerd to badass so effortlessly... I wasn't ready for all those facial expressions.


15. Betrayal is a given...

What's a drama without betrayal tbh...


16. If he doesn't give you a piggyback at some point, he doesn't love you.

giphy (9).gif

Soju and a piggyback... recipes for a mess!


17. Someone always denies their feelings till the last hour

giphy (15).gif

Like... I know, he knows, they know...why don't you knoww... then we get a sweeping confession likee... Lardttt! so much angst!


18. There's always another heffer who's tottally out of your league tryna win your man's heart.

giphy (33).gif

tbh, I wouldn't even compete... like plis, have him... the stress she puts you through is too much mehn - Not too mention everyone is already ridiculously attractive. plis plis, lemme just stay in my lane.

19. Everything is fate or destiny.

Coincidence? What is that in dramaland...More like an irrevoqable power drawing us together because we're meant to be... durh 


20. There's always a white man playing some sort of business man. - he's usually a bad actor.

I'm not here for them tbh... why's english the language of authority and intelligence? *speaks in english to prove how awesome I am* -_- 

21. Everything happens in the penultimate episode. All the episodes prior are just build up. The last two minutes of an episode are the craziest though! So you can't help but binge watch. 

That penultimate episode usually has you hanging at the edge of your seat... my heart can't handle it tbh

giphy (18).gif


22. If your man doesn't cry at least once, does he really love you?

giphy (17).gif

Girl, you better poke him and force a few tears out. Real men cry b!


23. Diversity isn't really a thing... I screamed when I saw my first black character with lines!!

giphy (32).gif

Yoooo!!! Moorim school had me gornnn, I was like "yasss gwarnn black man".

However, it's awesome how integrated and open the world is becoming! One step at a time.


24. Melodramas are the next best thing after fairy tales

giphy (28).gif
giphy (20).gif

I've replaced my Fairy tale happy ending obsession with Melos...good guys win, baddies get shut down fi dead.

I should specify this whole list is practically only about melos... that's all I watch, I'll update it when I branch


25. Get ready for a rollercoaster of angst, bitterness and tears (happy and sad tears btw)

giphy (2).gif

If you're anything like me, you get invested the moment the leads open their mouths. Which means every slap, water throw and hardship stings. I still dislike some actors for evil roles they've played in the past.

giphy (4).gif
giphy (34).gif

Added a couple more, because damn... I need you to feel me!

giphy (24).gif
giphy (23).gif

But then some moments make it all worth ittttt...the fangirling never ends

giphy (26).gif
giphy (19).gif

ha! you must have thought I was done...

Finally..."There's a world outside your window"... 

giphy (13).gif
giphy (8).gif

Who'd have thought I'd love Korean dramas as much as this... the stories, the actors, the humour, even the shade... I'm bout ready to hit up Seoul like "where the partaaaay at"

giphy (36).gif

Before I drop the mic, I wonder if anyone can guess my favourite dramas and actors from the gifs alone? LOL! 

I wrote this list when I first started my addiction (around April 2016). Having found it again whilst rummaging through my drafts - the land of forgotten posts lol - I realise it's slightly outdated. I've since learnt new things, so I should update it (maybe, oneday, we'll see).

giphy (35).gif

I went ahead and filmed a follow up to this on my youtube channel, AsToldByNimz.