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NBJ Visits Violet Cakes London

"The force is with you, young skywalker, but you are not a jedi yet"- Darth 'Daddy' Vader

There's definitely a force within me, and it grows stronger everyday... it's called a sweet-tooth, and it favours cake. So, one fateful night, whilst the force was particularly strong I googled "cake", and then "bakeries near me". I don't know, I think I wanted to torture myself with pictures of cakes first of all. Thus mid-chewing water and pretending it was cake, the plan was hatched to visit Violet Cakes on wilton way, just off Graham rd in Hackney.

Yes, that's right, I'm an East London Gal

A white building with "Violet" painted on the side, makes the bakery hard to miss, however guess who still didn't see it. Yup, yours truly... almost walked straight past lol. 

 - Graham Road ft Seyi 

- Graham Road ft Seyi 

 Seyi pretending to work, so i can wannabe-photograph.

Seyi pretending to work, so i can wannabe-photograph.

If you've met my friend Seyi, you'll know her favourite word is "rustic", and that describes Violet Cakes to the T. A quaint bakery, with upstairs and outdoor seating for those who just can't pull themselves away after their purchase.

The bakery always uses organic flour, milk, sugar and eggs amongst other organic products to bake. Not too mention they also offer goodies by season. So you can always be sure you're getting the freshest ingredients.  

Spring brings Elderflowers, gooseberries, rhubarb and Alphonso Mango icings; in the Summer we use Kentish cherries and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries from Suffolk and Dorset blueberries...
— Claire Ptak, Owner

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get snaps of the upstairs seating, as all the tables were occupied but you can find images on the violet cakes website ( I found that the bench seating arrangement, however, reminded me of primary school dining tables, and having to slide out one person at a time, or swing your legs awkwardly over the bench got very tiresome, very quickly. However they went well with the rustic theme/vibe of the bakery. So how about we just chalk that one up to personal preference.  

Personally, I love the smell of freshly baked bread, and the warmth reception of the onsite baker had me wanting to move in, instantly. The girls were friendly and we chatted whilst I snapped away. Lol obviously, I was feeling my faux-wannabe-i'm just snapping photpgrapher self, felt like the next big thing in photography... really I was just going "oh that looks pretty" *snap*. There was NO method to my madness. We tenk God for technology and a well set up location.

BUT! And I say this with a heavy heart, I just couldn't get over the prices for the tiny tiny cupcakes. My Nigerian self, wouldn't let my Fat self pay such for practically nothing. Organic, small business, ran by a woman and all. I already think bus fares too expensive, how could I then pay MORE for "one-gulp-Cake". 

So after all that, I went home cakeless *tears of anguish and heartache*. That's right guys NBJ's still on the hunt for a local bakery!