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In The Hot Seat Live at London Fashion Bazaar

Here at Brimah and John, we have numerous inspirations! One of which are fabulous women, with a passion and a drive to do what they love and what makes them happy. These women are forging a path for themselves in their chosen fields and are an inspiration to us all. So what we like to do, is sit them down in the hot seat, shine a spot light on them... and get to know them a little better!

So where better to meet phenomenal PHemales (like what I did there?) than at a PHashion bazaar (I'm on a roll, I really am)! We got to talking with several beauts at the Canapes and Mocktails stall (Click here to read our piece on them), and we managed to get a few on camera.

On the 30th of March 2015 the olympic park played home to London Fashion Bazaar. A bazaar (well, duh! lol) for preloved and new, clothes and goodies being sold by owners and entrepreneurs alike. The event was put together by wonder woman ('cos, mums are superheroes to me) and blogger TanjaAyesha.

Amongst the many in attendance were; @boutiquedenana, @maysmode, @ruk_star, @the_modestdoll, @hijabstatus, @saimasmileslike and @naimapetite (instagram handles) all of whom we managed to get a little chit chat with.

Watch the video below! 

Honestly, it’s the best drink I’ve had in a while”
— boutiquedenana
Erm, I bought a blazer for my daughter, love it! polo!”
— maysmode
I bought too many doesn’t even go with my outfit, but I had to have it”
— Saimasmileslike
The cupcake was good... but it’s gone now”
— the_modestdoll and naimapetite
I actually don’t know... probably the princess, or the queen... Sheikhah Mozah
— hijabstatus
OMG! That is hard
— saimasmileslike
Oo, that’s a bit of a hard one...
— hijabstatus
Thats tricky, ‘cos I thought you were gonna ask me the same question as her.
— maysmode
Hi Kate
— boutiquedenana
I do love my own wardrobe...
— maysmode
I don’t know, she makes it look quite, I don’t know...
— ruk_star
Breaking out was really difficult, and I’m sort of going through that myself
— saimasmileslike

Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did, seriously loved chatting with the ladies. Wish I could have captured all the lols, but then you'd have probably only heard me giggling my head off. As per usual, we thank the ladies for participating, and wish them all the success. 

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