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B and J; The Origins Pt1 "Who We Are"

origins who we are

Salaam Salaam, Welcome *waves profusely*

 Hope you've been having a seriously kickass day, and thank you for joining us on our journey!

Our origin stories are an attempt to share an insight into the brand, our processes, our goals, our dreams and our hopes. Brimah and John was launched with the debut collection “The Love and Sacrifice Collection” on the 14th of February 2015, by founder Nim (Romantic much).

So how did we come up with the name “Brimah and John”?

 Selecting your business name can be a grueling process; you want a catchy name that sums up you and your brand. You definitely don't want an essay title like "Unique and Fashionable Clothes I Design that ooze personality and scream me"... bit of a mouthful wouldn't you say?  

Well the name “Brimah and John” is a lot less creative than you may think, or maybe you've already guessed it. (Yup!) Brimah and John is the product of Nims' Mothers maiden name, and the biblical equivalent of her Fathers name. 

Sort of like an ode to her parents (She just lives in the soppy).  

“Everything I am today is a product of my parents hard work and sacrifice. I owe a lot to them, It only seemed fitting to name my business after them”- Nim (NBJ)

So, what’s the “Brimah and John” story?

The “Brimah and John” story is the story of a dual cultured girl, struggling to find her way in a constantly evolving, religiously diverse environment, her struggles and her triumphs. 

“One of my greatest struggles was between fashion and faith. Fashion allowed me to express myself; my clothes were my voice, gave me confidence and were my choices, I decided what I wore. Faith gave me direction, purpose, and answered my questions” – Nim (NBJ)

Nim found in her formative years faith and fashion collided, frequently. It was all about looking good now and worrying about the rest later. Fashion was starting to take her away from faith, and her parents just weren't having it.

“I honestly believed they hated me, they didn't get me, they just loved meddling and messing up my life (melodramatic teen much?). Little did I know they were just doing their job, protecting and guiding me” – Nim (NBJ)

As Nim read more and her Imaan (Belief/Faith) grew, there was always one burning question, how could she be fashionable within the limits of her faith? Thus the seeds were planted, and “Brimah and John” was born.

 With the rise of the modest fashion industry, Nim had noticed a growing increase in abaya lines and brands. But very few brands catered to individuals who may like a little more pop and colour in their wardrobe, or individuals who can’t/don’t wear abayas but still want to dress modestly.

Brimah and John is where modesty gets revamped, we are an alternative modest fashion brand. Here at Brimah and John we truly believe there’s something for everyone.