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5 Niqab and Hijab wearing creatives you need to be following on Instagram

I love my instagram feed, and these ladies make it extra special! Some I've been following (stalking) for ages and some are new to my feed - and they all spark my creative juices. 

Instagram is much more than style snaps and outfit shots for me, I love the creativity and the fact I get to witness a portion of life through others eyes. So in no particular order here are my current creative faves.

1. @HijabiHybrid

On this feed you'll find fleeky eyeliner, cute toddlers, and family stories through captivating imagery. Not to mention cheekbones for daysss! Not only is she great with a camera, on her blog she guides and answers questions of many muslimahs. Providing an invaluable service to her Ummah


2. @FattyPomPom

Not many people know this, but before I donned my Niqab, this feed was one of the ones that made me think "yes I can do this and be expressive/creative"! She's mainly in black, but her feed is oh so colourful

One of my new finds, but a creative and stylish niqabi will always get a follow from me. She even was a niqabi bride - inspiration much?


An Adidas lover after my style heart... recently featured as one of my #OutfitCrushes (click here). This feed is overflowing with inspiration, not to mention her love for a good pair of trainers had me clicking the follow button super fast. I often find it difficult to style my trainers as I never used to believe in pairing skirts and trainers, but this feed has injected me with fresh hopes and ideas.

5. @AmaalSaid

This feed is an explosion of colour and beautiful women! Showcasing different women of colour, this feed can't help but scream 'empower'. I love the way she captures beauty, without adhering to eurocentric beauty standards. Her feed celebrates diversity and i'm a sucka for a good human rainbow :)