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Let's Talk #Racism


...It's like everywhere I look I see signs of racism and/or prejudice... It's frustrating. I see comments from naive people saying "I can't believe there's still racism in 2016", why would you believe it when you do your best to ignore it. 

It's not a fun topic, so we sometimes do our best to live above it. We brush off the minor racism we encounter, and tackle the major acts... but that doesn't change the systematic oppression People of Colour (PoC) face. 

Now I'm going to talk about PoC as a whole, because undeniably we all face racism and by no means would I ever deny one mans struggle in favour of another. HOWEVER and its a big HOWEVER... there is still racism amongst PoC and the darker skin tones suffer the most across all borders. 


Even amongst PoC the paler your skin the more recognition you get, the less racism, prejudice, and oppression you face. It automatically places you on a pedestal, or rather a "perceived" pedestal within your race. So we tear ourselves down from within.

Ok, lets talk about the racism we face daily within the modest fashion industry and generally on social media... namely examples of the lack of inclusion us darker skin types face. I do not mean to name and shame, however it may be quite obvious the accounts I am describing. If you relate to this, don't be offended... note it down and try to change. 


A lot of events, although open to all aren't really inclusive of all. You can't call something "Muslim" or target your event to Muslim ladies/families and only include a particular race/colour in your line up... that's not an accurate representation of muslims. It's amazing and awesome to see these events being put together, a platform to celebrate and empower. I myself am always eager to attend and support them... but honestly it sometimes feels like I'm still on the outside looking in. 

One type of beauty is celebrated, we complain about the Brits and the Oscars not being diverse...but the events we put on rarely are too.

Fashion - 


How far back do you have to scroll before you see a darker skin tone... I don't even mean a black person, I mean a dark skin tone. Unintentionally these hijab and modest fashion pages are reinforcing the white is right mentality.  

The closest person to my skin tone is Basma K and I believe I'm still a few shades darker than her. The dark skinned fashionistas are out there, and they're slaying... so can we see a bit more of them on the mainstream hijab fashion pages? 

I'm quite secure in my skin, listen when the sun hits I'm all types of golden... but Hijab isn't one colour, so let's stop whitewashing hijab fashion. Let's rainbow it up!

Make Up- 

Lord! Let me not start on make up... How can you have xyz Million followers and in the 12 weeks of scrolling through your 8500+ posts (my thumb got tired) I came across two make up post with black people and both were just for jokes. Not once did I come across a post with a dark skinned person (again dark skinned, not necessarily black).

Let me not even start on how at an event I witnessed a MUA butcher a dark skinned persons face because she (and the other MUA) didn't have make up for her skin tone. 

With the amount of attention the Modest Fashion Industry is getting, now is the time to evoke change. Lets get the foundation right,let's build correctly so our future generations won't have to tear it all down. We can be the change.



Inclusion not Division guys! That's all we all want...



  • Let's all make a conscious effort to be the change we wish to see
  • Promote an open environment where we can talk freely
  • constructive criticism... not attack
  • Talk more, silence doesn't bring about change


- To empower change, foster sisterhood and unity, and build a support network open for all

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