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First Page Blues - A New Chapter

On my first day of English in secondary school, my English teacher had us write a paragraph in our brand new exercise books, she told us all exactly what to write and where. The very first page *gasppppss*! If you're like me then you already know all about first page blues. I still to this day prefer to skip the first page all together and start writing on the second (third if you count both sides) page.

There's this feeling of crisp freshness that comes with the first page. This purity which for some is difficult to taint. At my table was a beautiful girl called Dionne. Dionne would rip the page out anytime she made an error. I couldn't copy her though,  I hated the ripped pages more than the errors. Ms Norton, however was already aware of our quests for perfection, she dictated what to write, paused, then said "It's okay to make mistakes, I just did". The classroom groaned in unison, she calmly told us to put a line through the error and continue on. I remember Dionne instantly ripping the page out, as I however looked on. The seed of distrust planted firmly in my mind, Ms Norton and I went on to have a rocky relationship. 

Now here I am, more than ten years later, experiencing the same first page blues, the fear of ruining something clean and pure. You can't fail if you don't try, you can't fall if you don't leap. If you leave it as is you won't mess it up... In the face of that nagging need for perfection or nothing at all, I can't help but recall Ms Norton and how she ruined my first page on my first day...

...and how it didn't stop me from passing English.

It's okay to make mistakes, I always do. Don't hold yourself back for fear of falling, like, we literally have giant tin cans taking people from country to country.

I think about that a lot, If I'd known the Wright brothers, I'd have lol'd in their face and died having never boarded their seemingly death trap. Which leads me to not everyone will see your vision, it'll even sometimes get a little blurry for you too. Keep pushing!

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