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In the hot seat with 9jaFoodie

Here at Brimah and John, we have numerous inspirations! One of which are fabulous women, with a passion and a drive to do what they love and what makes them happy. These women are forging a path for themselves in their chosen fields and are an inspiration to us all. So what we like to do, is sit them down in the hot seat, shine a spot light on them... and get to know them a little better!

I'm sure we've all come across a #Foodie pic on instagram and thought "I just have to have that, right now! *slowly melts inside from burning craving sensation*" no? just me? Well that's me nearly every time food blogger Ronke of 9jaFoodie post. IT'S THAT REAL! So it was only natural I invited Ronke (Nigerian food blogger) onto our hot seat, and got to know her (my future bestie), a little better. I'm sure she's bout ready to file a restraining order against me *peeps through her window*.

Shrimp and Vegetable Sauce 

Shrimp and Vegetable Sauce 

We'd love to know more about the woman behind 9jafoodie, what's your story?

I am Ronke, a Nigerian home cook with a passion for food & agriculture. I am a CPA by day, a wife and a mother

Share with us your food journey.  

My food journey started at a very young age, my mother was one of those women who made fresh meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. It was a very exhaustive process for me as a young adult; she could spend all day in the kitchen transitioning from one meal to another. Her process got me interested in prepping which eventually lead to bigger interest in food

How would you describe your daily routine?

It really depends on the day to be honest with you; there are days when I do not cook at all.  Typically, I am up between 5:30 – 8:00 am and my day ends around 10pm

I really don’t think I have one of those.
— Ronke

What inspires you over at 9jafoodie?

Everything is an inspiration, I have a true passion for food and great plans for the brand, so it’s really easy to feel inspired.  I especially love feedbacks from people who use the blog on a daily basis.‎

What's next for 9jafoodie? 

Efo Riro - @9jaFoodie

Efo Riro - @9jaFoodie

A general expansion on the great brand we have built. It’s the dream of every food blogger to have their own cook book so that is definitely on the horizon, we are also exploring other commercial avenues for the brand.

Who would you say is/are your biggest motivators? 

The passion to create something truly powerful and my husband J

You enter an elevator to find an inspirational person of yours, you have 30 seconds to ask them anything, who is it and what do you ask?

Gordon Ramsay, What’s the cure for procrastination?

What's the 9jafoodie look? What would you say is your go-to outfit? 

Haha.. t-shirt and jeans

David Chang – Authentic ramen bowl (weird I know)
— Ronke

If you could only keep three things from your wardrobe what would you pick? 

Mehnnnnn….. do I really have to? A pair of jeans and two basic tees

You walk into a room with 5 accessories you've been eyeing, what are they? 

All gold bracelets =D

you can only keep 1 out of the 5 which would it be?

The yellow, white and rose gold one. I have a mini obsession with bracelets. Lol.

Ofada sauce/ Ayamase by @9jafoodie

Ofada sauce/ Ayamase by @9jafoodie

What would you say is your "on fleek" outfit, you know that outfit you own that never fails to have you looking 10/10?

Lol…. I really don’t think I have one of those. My style changes every season.

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple, casual

Who's your style crush?

Olivia pope

Tell us a bit about your dream getaway?

Eating my way through Asia with my husband (and not gaining any weight whatsoever)

Your dream chef wants to cook for you, who is it, and what are they cooking?

David Chang – Authentic ramen bowl (weird I know)

What's your biggest pet peeve in the kitchen?

Blunt knives – They drive me insane

If you were guaranteed one wish, what would you wish for? 

Suya by @9jaFoodie

Suya by @9jaFoodie

 Happiness – Iol.  most likely $48M (face plant). A more practical thing would be success though; I want to be successful in my endeavours.

If you could go shopping in anyone's wardrobe, who's would it be?

Olivia pope (Class is something that appeals to me in fashion)

You've gone a week without your phone, laptop, or any other interpersonal contact, who do you miss talking to? 

Errmm did I go with my husband? If yes then my sister-in-laws

Your in-laws ring, they're 40 mins out and they intend to stay for dinner but you haven't cooked, what do you whip up?

That will depend on the protein I have on hand. Most likely some sort of stir-fry though.

Any advice for all the women out there carving their paths in life?

Steak and Mash by @9jafoodie

Steak and Mash by @9jafoodie

  Stay true to yourself. No matter how tempting it is, never make your foundation a deck of cards.

Whats the best advice you've ever been given?

I have gotten loads of great advice in my life but I would have to say that my favorite is from my grandma. When I left for boarding school at 9, she told me in our language that Iwalewa - good character would always trump beauty. It is important me to always honor my upbringing, even with online interactions.

And lastly our favourite Brimah and John question,

You've got £250 to spend at what pieces do you buy?

Pink and Gold Brocade Skirt

Pink and Gold Brocade Skirt

Mehnnn… now you got me wishing.  The Brocade skirt to start, then the signature wraps dress.

"Good character would always trump beauty" can I get an Amen! Can y'all start tatting that instead of "Only God can judge me please"? Henna tatts of course! Thank you Ronke for joining us, loved loved loved getting to know you a little better.