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50 Random Facts About Me

I think I've only ever done a random facts list once before, and I've since taken it down. So here's another list of facts lol.

  1. I love God (Soooo Much)
  2. I believe the secret to a content life lies in the Qur'an
  3. I pray to be counted amongst the friends of Allah swt
  4. I pray about anything and everything
  5. I'm over 21 (Barely, lol)
  6. I'm the eldest of SEVERAL siblings. 
  7. I want a cat
  8. I don't want the responsibility of a cat
  9. I'm a bad movie watcher... I never know what's going on.
  10. I hate silence
  11. I like creating
  12. I lurvvvvvv food
  13. I can eat rice all week
  14. Biryani, Jollof, Chicken fried rice... faves
  15. I'm a super fussy eater
  16. I'm currently forcing myself to try new things
  17. I've since started eating shrimps/prawns and sometimes a thin slice of tomato
  18. I don't like liars
  19. I'm very forgiving
  20. Self named caretaker, I love looking after people
  21. I tend to put others ahead of myself
  22. I'm not easy to get close to
  23. I'm not easy to stay close to
  24. I'm protective of my self -I've learnt the hardway just how selfish people are.
  25. I'm a fighter...friends, family, injustice... I will fight for it/them
  26. I try to live an easy life...I don't do stress
  27. I don't do what I don't want to do
  28. I'm super stubborn
  29. I love cake
  30. I love brownies
  31. I believe you show love in your actions and not your sayings. I go ham for my people.
  32. My mum is one of my best friends... she's my number one
  33. My mum can be soooo annoying though lol!
  34. She calls me goat
  35. I'm socially awkward
  36. My brothers are super outgoing, it gets on my nerves sometimes lol
  37. I kinda prefer observing people to interacting with them
  38. I don't do confrontation because it always goes left... I can be super rude. #HotHead
  39. I'm learning to be unapologetic of who I am
  40. I'm hella opinionated
  41. I hope to emulate the traits and characters of the Prophet (saw) and those closest to him.
  42. one of my Uncles calls me Teapot
  43. I'm a part-time Niqabi (I believe it's not compulsory, so I don't always wear it)
  44. I'm a dreamer
  45. I talk to myself a lot
  46. I keep everyones secrets but my own. If all my friends gathered together and compared notes my whole life would be in one room.
  47. I pride myself in my loyalty.
  48. I know how to mind my own business!!!!!!! I literally have no room in my head for anything else but my own drama, so I don't ask and I don't tell lol.
  49. I believe in doing for others as you'd want done for yourself.
  50. I love my people... If you're reading this I think you're awesome. I gotchu always & forever x

Well that was super hard! I think I'm awesome, I love myself and I remain prayerful to God for God to continue to guide me towards what will earn His pleasure. I am not perfect, a whole lot of trouble, and on some days more tears than smiles, but this life is a test and practice makes perfect.