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5 Ways ASOS Sucks Me In

Wedding, party, birthday, or just a casual day out, better believe I'm already perusing ASOS for my outfit. But why ASOS? Why is ASOS my go-to for a good ole online shop? Here are my top reasons as to why and how ASOS always suck me in...


1. ASOS Free Delivery

Back in them college days money was tight, and I was not about to spend a whole £5.95 on delivery. ASOS offered super saver delivery for free, all you had to do was order two weeks in advance (although my orders usually arrived within a week)


2. Student Discount

It's like everyday its 48 hours to get 20% off lol - No complaints here though.


3. Saved List

Saving an item for 60 days sounds genius till you realise you've been browsing for over an hour. Lordt! My Saved list is always growing, anxiously waiting pay day so I can knock a few off the list and into my wardrobe.


4. Outlet

Anyone else do this, click Asos outlet, view 204 per page, view price low to high, browse? All I wanted was a new pair of heels, but now thanks to outlet I've got a shoe and bag for my initial budget.

5. Brands

But my fave thing about ASOS, is all the brands. I don't have to search individual websites and I still benefit from the discounts. My current fave brand is Monki :)