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No Such Thing

No such thing as friends 

No such thing as loyalty 

The pain in your heart never mends 

These theories are all so false to me. 

Wow they're Not even possibilities. 


This life is full of endless betrayal

Endless hurt

Endless 'dirt'

That people claim they have on you. 

Endless dishonesty. 

Something that ain't me. 


Life is so fucked up.

I scream why me 

Look in the mirror

And let things be 


I try get on with my day 

But it's burning me inside

Why can't I trust anyone, 

It ain't because of my pride 

But it's because I have to hide.


You see no body is on my team 

Nobody wants to see me happy 

Nobody knows what it means 

So I take my shit and leave. I need to breath. 


So I turn to poetry. 

Because you can never hurt me.