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3 Posts I'm loving on - @BonitaRS_


A good blog is easy to get lost in, and after a nice scroll through I found 3 posts I had to share. So here they are in no particular order.

1. 10 Posts for Improving your blog

If your looking to improve your blog, Bonita has kindly put together a list of posts you should read. Click here to read her "10 VERY USEFUL POSTS FOR IMPROVING YOUR BLOG" post.

2016 is the year of creating some really epic content, over my first year of blogging I really do feel like the look of my blog and the user friendliness has improved massively. Some of my other goals (and probably yours too) are;

1: Incrase Traffic
2: Increase Subscribers/Followers
3: More interaction

2. How to be more positive

It's very easy to get caught up in the downs of life. Bonita shares something she does to drag her out of her down slump... I might have to share my version as well.

We all have problems. Some worse than others, granted. But we all have things we can be grateful for. Whether that be the shoes on your feet or the roof over your head. Just remember there’s always someone wishing to be in your position, so before you get down and wonder why life’s treating you so bad..

(click here to read more)

3. Being Introspective

Looking in the mirror and reflecting should be something we all do frequently. It's never too late to change and I always encourage self reflection.

Sometimes I find myself getting really annoyed but instead of justifying my behaviour I sit and think how I could have handled it better, how do I be a bit more understanding and how can I right my wrongs here.

Then the next time I find myself in a similar situation I’m consciously thinking about how I am going to react instead of just reacting.

We are so quick to point out everyone else’s flaws and faults, we need to concentrate on our own first, not only that but we got to start trying to understand where people are coming from and why they may act the way they do.

Comment your favourite blogs and/or posts, I'd love to expand my reading list... In the meantime find more posts below