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The process behind the 'Into The Darkness' creative project + pics

I like to do this thing where I just create... I'm up in the middle of the night (usually around 3am) with a burning desire to create something. However 3am isn't ever a convenient time, so I end up writing detailed notes in my journal. 

The finished project is never quite what I imagine, but that's the best part. The journey. Having an idea and creating something out of it. I'm always excited to see the outcome of a vision and its growth.

This project started off as me trying to explore lighting, and learn the different ways to manipulate an image through lighting. In the end I ended up exploring so much more. After the initial shoot (the white baseball cap and blue jacket pics) I went back to my wardrobe (my brothers tbh) to look for colours that would work well with what I had in mind - I wanted to create similar images. I wanted colours which wouldn't lose their essence during post-production (for example if you were to increase exposure of a baby pink jacket it would start to look white).

I unintentionally also started exploring masculinity. As I was wearing my brothers clothes I naturally felt I had to broaden my shoulders, widen my stance and appear bigger than I am. 

Following that first shoot, the "Into the Darkness" concept was born. I felt like exploring something unknown to me, go to a place I wouldn't ordinarily... I'd ask my brother during the following shoot (the rest of the looks, hoody, bucket hat, and black tie) every time I posed "is this masculine?", he'd respond "What does masculine mean, you're just doing gangster poses". Therefore unable to pinpoint masculinity beyond gangsters and thug life, I attempted to put together an outfit not stereotypically associated with gangsters. I put on a suit and tie, and tried to embody a different kind of man... I think I failed.

However I wasn't attempting to become/imitate a man, I wanted to capture the essence of masculinity. I wanted to create a feeling. I was exploring my unknown, the darkness.

Do you think I captured it successfully? What are your favourite looks? Get in touch with me...


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