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Monday 08th of February 2016

Dear Diary...

...I've had an overwhelming weekend, Lawdt! I am so tired, like super drained. Meeting new people is hard, it always takes so much out of me. I'm never one to pretend and I hate giving false impressions. 

I like the freedom of being yourself, and I enjoy the company of my tribe and siblings. So whenever I have to put on my prim and proper face and my glad racks I get a little sad inside lol.

Networking and meeting new people is WORK! By the end of the day my cheeks ache from smiling and polite laughter. Now mix in characters that grind your gears... you know, the loud talkers, the spitters, the horse laughers (brayers)... it instantly becomes 10x harder!

Lately, I've gotten so comfortable within my own zone that the thought of interacting with new people raises my heart rate. The idea of starting again, introducing yourself, sharing polite stories, trying to read the person, gaging how much to share with them - especially when pitching ideas to people - is overwhelming. 

You have to be resilient, bounce-back-able lol. Be charming and friend;y, but not obnoxious. You have to command attention, steer and direct the conversation, but not be bossy and demanding. You have to be engaging, leave a mark, be memorable but not overbearing. 

You're brain is constantly working, evaluating the situation, trying to match the temperature of the room.


Just because it's hard doesn't mean I quit. It's part of the process, it's part of life. Maybe I should try starting my day with brain food - what that is, I don't know lol.

NTS: Research brain food


I have no choice, so I have to suck it up. I shouldn't be too hard on myself for the off days, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.


  • Practice in front of the mirror
  • Expand your vocabulary - Learn a new word a day (Okay lets be realistic Nimz, a week)
  • Watch videos of public speakers, try to imitate their body language


I've got one goal for this week, to give people a chance. Create more excuses than complaints, give chances and forgive. There's no room for petty over here...