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Conversations With Friends - Waffling Over Wafffles

Dear Diary...

I'm very aware of how blessed I am to have friends that encourage self reflection and deep thought. With them I share my worries for both myself and them and though unsaid, I know our convos don't go beyond those presents-- Ha!

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Psych! 'Cos here I am, breaking that sacred covenant and wagging my tongue (fingers) and sharing secrets with the world!!

If you have a problem you can "Cash me outside, how bow dah!"

Over a waffle and brownies, I shared a worry that had been on my mind. To be honest, I barely hid my concern under numerous eye rolls, scoffs and side eyes. So it really was about time I said it with my chest. 

Basically my friend made a decision I wasn't entirely happy with. I can hear the "but it's none of ya business" old ladies already... Yas B, I know! That's why I kept it to side eyes and shade for as long as I could. 

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Well, it wasn't that I wasn't happy with the decision, I was just biased and worried my friend could get hurt. I worry and overthink a lot and that tends to spill over to those around me. 

But that's not the point of this piece, we talked it out and although I was on the fence, but I'll always support my friends wholeheartedly 💪🏽 .

So I wanted to share three of the gems that cropped up in our discussion, because, honestly, truly, we wise outchea.  

1. In life you can't rely on one person to be your all. When that person crumbles or reveals their human side, you crumble. Also, it adds undue pressure on that person to be strong for you. So they can't even get strength from you in their times of need.  

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2. You have to go through hardships to grow, Durh! We all face trials at some point, and though its hard they're to give you the tools to continue in life. Whenever you overcome, look back at who you are now and who you were then and see what you've learnt and developed. Then the next hardship you face, you realise you wouldn't have been able to overcome if you didn't have the tools gained from the last. 

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3.  Your words have just as much impact as your actions. Can't be going about saying anything recklessly... "sticks and stones" isn't true. Words hurt and leave marks on people. 

lol tbh, now that I'm trying to type up our convo my mind is blank... I know I say these often, but ima keep reminding y'all till it sticks.


Learn you, love you and do you!  

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Here's a vid of the waffles and brownies we ate... bare with me I'm a newbie vlogger.