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Nigerian Traditional Wedding trends I'm totally loving - @xo_wumz

A brief introduction into Nigerian Traditional Weddings, and a quick look at the latest trend I'm loving at the moment...

The latest trend I'm in love with and have noticed among brides in Nigeria is the complete/partial striped aso oke outfit. I've seen some brides use only the stripy aso oke for gele and ipele, but I've also seen some brides use the stripy aso oke for the complete outfit. This phenomenon was apparently used in the "hey day" of our parents but in true fashion form, it has returned and it looks like it is to stay for a while.

So, in case you didn't know, the Yoruba traditional wedding attire consists of the following:

The bride wears:
Iro: a wrap-around garment to be worn at the waist which is a large
material tied round her waist and is ankle length

Buba: a wide, long-sleeved blouse
Gele: a head tie or scarf
Iborun or ipele: a shawl or shoulder sash
Ileke (beads) or gold: necklace, earrings, and bracelets that take
current trends into consideration. You can choose the colour of beads
to match your fabrics. You can even design your own pattern and have
the bead-set made for you at a bead shop.

The groom wears:
Agbada: a two layered material of heavy dimensions like the aso oke,
it might be cotton, and damask or he might wear lace, wax fabric
(Ankara). It’s usually a large flowing gown that covers from the neck
to ankle and from the left wrist to the right wrist. The nice colour combination complements and reflects the colour the bride’s family has

Buba: this is a loose and roomy top that is shorter and smaller than
the agbada and falls to the knees. It has long sleeves extending to
the wrists.

Sokoto: a roomy garment like a pair of pants with an elastic band or
string to tie it at the waist.

Fila: the wedding outfit is not complete without this hat.

Now back to the matter at hand. These are my favourite looks which consist of the striped aso oke phenomenon. Hope you love these looks as much as I do!

Bride In Colourful Striped Gele and Aso Oke
Bride In Colourful Striped Gele and Aso Oke
Bride In Colourful Striped Gele and Aso Oke