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Here at Brimah + John I have two main beliefs "No-one can dictate you, to you" and "aspire for progress not perfection". 

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Official Announcement... #DrumRoll

If you've been paying attention over the past few months you'll notice the addition of the "consultation" tab on our website...

Consultancy? *gasp* What's that? I hear you ask...

Well following the last change in direction post, Brimah and John has been working on developing a consultancy, specialising in visual content.

I love creating and pushing myself, and with a whole book full of ideas... why not share them and work with other brands in creating visual gold?!

It's not just about the picture for me, it's about creating unique content that tells a story, transports the viewer into an alternate reality, maybe a fantasy world, or something reminiscent of childhood. It has the ability to transport you anywhere and remind you of anything. Creative direction done well is an opportunity for the creator to touch the viewer, evoke emotion and leave an impact.

So click the link right here, and have a browse of our "consultation" section to read further on what we're all about. 

Enjoy a sneak peak from my upcoming #IntoTheDarkness series