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Suits and #Shondaland

Battle of the wardrobes Pope or Pearson?!!! I think Olivia wins, but I'm really loving Jessicas fierceness...

I usually watch my shows, then rant to my bros... this time I thought "I need a bigger audience". So here I am guysssss, ranting to the whole wide internet world.

Enjoyyyy x


***SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!***

If you continue reading from this point and you've not watched the latest episodes...that's your own wahalaa (problem)

- Suits S5:Ep13

Mike: "Doesn't seem like you're handling it"

Rachel: "I am"

Mike: "You're crying"

Rachel: "No I'm releasing my emotions..."

Yasss Rachel! Crying is fine!

They're coming for Mike! Omdz and everyone's backing it! Lordt!
Except Sheila (Louis ex-soulmate)... I know she's not making it worse (intentionally) but she's sure not helping. Actually she fully is making it worse. All 'cos man didn't choose you y'know! 

I hate how Rachel is suffering for being loyal to her man... like we've all known this Mike thing was problematic from the beginning, but it's so sad to watch it all crumble. - Harvey better fix it!

On the plus side, everyone's looking good. I need Jessicas stylist yo!
And love me some fiery Louis, can we get some more of that?

- Grey's Anatomy S12:EP9

"It's scientificallyproven that men find it difficult to process a womans voice." - opening of Grey's anatomy

Shonda laying them facts... but I'm gon need some evidence girl.

Grey's anatomy kicks off with a nice reminder to all twice as hard for half as much... something every woman (of colour) knows.

The Shepherds stay almost dying lol!! I shouldn't be laughing - but Shonda really loves threatening to orphan them kids.
So they all really stopped working on everyone else to work on Meredith? Really?! It's not a quiet day out there guys, why are ALL of you working on Meredith? But I aint upset, more Jackson screen time - I'm good with that.

I love this episode!!! SubhanAllah I'm actually reflecting on what life would be like to suddenly lose my hearing... or to never have heard. Such a huge blessing we take for granted daily. In this episode Meredith lost her hearing and ability to talk, subhanAllah. She's been relying on other means of expression and communication.

I can't lie I'm tearing up - (I'm such a softie)

"Don't let fear keep you quiet. You have a voice, so use it... whatever it takes just find your voice, and when you do fill the damn silence" - Meredith Grey

- How To Get Away With Murder S2:Ep10

K. First of all, does anyone even remember what happened last time? Lool. Shondalands such a mess it's hard to keep up. 

Can we also talk about how these kids are freely getting away with murder like this?
Shonda needs to get with netflix and start dropping all episodes in one go, I can't be waiting weekly for answers.

Listen too much is happening... so many sub plots. Its like when you make a mess, and instead of cleaning it with good 'ole soap, water and elbow grease... You just dab it with kitchen towel and it's sticky, and now bits of kitchen towel is stuck to the mess, and you throw sugar on just for good luck...'cos why not inni. Then you leave it to fester, cos you'll come back tomorrow... only tomorrow it's hard so now you chip at it with a scalpel of sorts, but now your chipping at the surface under. Ruining your good good table top. -_______-
And Analiese's answer to things is to replace your table top with a brand new house, because that's how she fixes messes... by adding brand new things into it.

Let me not start on Wes and Analieses perverted relationship.
I predict that Wes is her son, and she gave him up and then secretly stalked him.

Sidenote, I really can't spell Analieses name... or care tbh

- Scandal S5:Ep10

First off Scandal just reminds me why it's best to do things the Halal way... and also thank God for your parents. Livs parents are mad, absolutely crazy.

Right Shonda, I'm lost - so Liv and her dad are besties? Livs back with Jake? At what point am I allowed to call Liv a mess?! Kmt!

Jake!!!!!!!! OMDZ!!!! NOOOO!! I trusted you!!!

Basically, Shonda we aint friends no more. This is all too much mehn! I can't.

No promises lol - But catch my TV rants and opinions on Tuesdays here and there lol