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Top 10 Korean dramas

Took a leaf out of dramabeans book (my fave go-to for all korean drama goss and recaps) and thought to write my own top 10 Korean drama list. Partly because I wondered if I could even list 10 Korean dramas with my goldfish memory and what 10 I would list. 

**But before that here's a vid I recorded before I wrote this, might wanna check that out first. Totts up to you, but you really should tbh.

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Okay, Back to it, consider this my drama co-sign, if ever you need a recommendation or want to dip into the Kdramaland... here's a helpful list.  

I'm still a new resident so feel free to drop me recommendations too

In all honestly the logic behind this list is "if I remember it, it must have been good". Lol, flawed much? Considering all the awesome dramas I'm sure I'll miss out, in no particular order (besides memory) here's my top 10 drama list. 

1. Healer  

Someone please deactivate my Superman complex *swoons*. Regular joe by day, your secret knight in shining armour by night.

giphy (13).gif

It pays to be a damsel or in this case Bong-Sook 😫 

2. Shut up flower boy band  

giphy (35).gif

I will never get over the guyliner. So many feels. Nothing screams loyalty and bromance more than a school boy band.  

3. W-two worlds  


Because imagine a fantasy comic world and then one day finding yourself in it... yasss much? 

4. Heirs  

giphy (15).gif

One of my early watches. So really, I was in it for the eye candy and Park Shin-hye till I found myself siding with the "bad boy"

5. Goblin 


Bromanceeeeeeeeeeeeee! I found myself wanting to watch the Goblin and Grim Reaper more than the actual story.  

Speaking of Goblin, check out my podcast where I go through all my drama heartaches and thoughts.

6. Angry Mom


(Pasta was originally written, but then I remembered Angry Mom and something had to go) 

I love a fiery female lead. Break the rules, do the most and fight for you and yours. Yasss b 💪🏽

7. School 2013

giphy (16).gif

Kim! Woo! Bin! I exaggerate, I came for my faves (Jong-suk + Woo-bin) I stayed for the bromance. 

okay from this point on I went to for help... goldfish memory and that

8. Jealousy Incarnate


Messy, petty and a whole lotta arghh!  

9. Another Oh Hae Young

giphy (18).gif

Would you date someone with the same name as your ex? 😩 

10. Solomons Perjury  


Because we all love "who dunnits" and hidden motives  

10.5 Baek Hee has returned


A short drama packed with all the feels