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17 Reasons Why I'm Not Following You Back On Instagram

Pretty much everybody has an Instagram account these days. From selfies to dinner dates, where there's a camera there's an Instagram account. So what makes your account worth the follow?

Is it just me or does Nigerian Instagram love three little letters way tooo much?  

K F B...Kindly Follow Back

The follow back is the most lusted after thing on instagram. There are several apps and websites dedicated to letting you know who's following you and unfollowing you (on instagram and/or twitter). With people willing to buy followers and others unfollowing to follow back just to keep their numbers up, I figured it's only right I explain why I'm that stubborn account that just won't follow back - Not that I'm even anything special.


1. I don't know you personally

The most common reason I don't follow back straight away, especially on my personal account.


2. I don't like you/r feed

I don't understand people who know they don't like you but want to follow you, for why?  Also if your feed is full of things I'm not interested in, I won't follow.


3. I didn't even realise you followed me

Guess who's got their notifications turned off? Yup that's right, me! Whenever I open my insta app I make a mental note of notifications, and tell myself I'll get back to it - chances are I forget. Especially when you're switching between accounts. 


4. You're a ghost follower

I tend to follow back people who I notice. Either by commenting or liking regularly. I prefer the commenters though, I like getting to know people :)


5. I unfollowed you because you like naughty/explicit pics...(I don't like that on my explore/activity page)

I run a pretty tight G-rated ship. I don't really want to be afraid to open up my instagram in public not sure what'll pop up.


6. You're some sort of promo page

nuff said.


7. Your last post was about 42 weeks ago

If you're not posting, there is no need for me to follow back. 


8. You've uploaded 0 pictures


9. All 248 pictures on your feed are selfies

What new angle can you post that I haven't already seen?


10. You're another fashion/quotes/inspiration account

And your account is different from the trillion others how?! I follow enough inspiration accounts, thank you lol

11. I've reached my follow limit - LOL!

Wait, whaaaa?! I've actually seen people use this excuse! LOL!! 


12. You have 24K followers and are only following 200

I wasn't born yesterday... this does not compute my friend. You're likely following to unfollow once you get that follow back. 

Obviously there are exceptions


13. You like two pictures of mine and comment "nice pic" or "cool ig"

Bet you say that to all the girls - A few likes and generic comments, tools used by businesses to promote their brand.


14. You're a business account selling products I'm not interested in

No sorry, I won't be purchasing 24" premium weave today.


15. There are no black people on your feed

If your account basically reposts other peoples pictures as "inspiration" and I have to scroll all the way to 24 weeks ago before I see a PoC - I'm not following you. You need a lesson in representation and inclusion.


16. You're not following me...

People ask for follows and they're not even following you. What's that all about?


17. I just don't want to

It's my account and I'll do what I want. Bye Felicia!