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You explain too much

We're (*were, my bad I never got round to posting this. Anywhoos imagine it's 2016 again) into the last few days of 2016 and as I sit and reflect, one thing I know for certain is "time is the best of teachers". 

 "Time is the best of teachers, but unfortunately it kills all its students" - Robin Williams 

Having learnt to stop being so regretful and be grateful for all Time (God) has taught me, I'm now actively seeking out new ways of self-development and self-study.

The "lord God, I am amazing, I am talented, I have potential and I need to soar without clipping my own wings" kind of way. 

Whilst navigating adulthood I've found new and exciting dimensions to myself and although it's always been my style to announce changes or offer explanations... I've decided it's time to stop!

Like f'real Nimz, evolve, the world 'gon keep on spinning with or without an explanation. 

The go 365 days without explaining myself challenge - le'go 😎

So that's all folks... I wanted to write a blog post for future reference and all that good good. 


** btw a long time ago my square head sponge bob looking friend asked why I always felt the need to explain myself to people. My lacklustre response and that remark has never left me since. So shoutout to that emoji that's always being a source of wisdom and sense. You aite.